Open Letter To Paul Joseph Watson (regarding your article on

in regards to this article


Mr Watson:

I ask that you follow Alex Jones' advice and look at the data.

You claim the fuselage of flight 175 poked through the opposite side of the south tower. If so, where is the exit hole? An exit hole is not visible in any of the photographs.

What you see on the film footage is a CGI fuselage, a "special effect".


This video shows what happens when an F4 slams into a concrete wall at 500MPH. Note that F4s are built to much higher standards than wide-body aircraft, and are designed to fly 1500MPH. You'll see the F4 pulverizes into dust.


What happens on 9/11? The flimsy wide-body "airplane" penetrates the structural steel / concrete building just as it glides through the air! Wing tips don't break off, tail doesn't bend, the "plane" doesn't even change direction. It shows no change at all.


Are we supposed to believe that a widebody aluminum jet with a plastic nosecone penetrated hundreds of feet of structural steel and poked out the other side? Sorry, but I don't.


You say there's been no scientific analysis. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Dr Judy Wood, a former professor of mechanical engineering, and Rick Rajter, student member of ST911 and Materials Science and Engineering from MIT are writing a scientific paper on this. From my understanding this paper will be available soon.


I'd also like to direct you to this article from Technology Review, a magazine affiliated with MIT. The article explains that CGI technology exists, and is in the hands of the military and the TV networks. This is the technology that the government/media doesn't want to become publicized! The article was originally published in July of 2000, but was updated after the 9/11 attacks. See here for the original article and notice that the updated version omits the last three paragraphs.



Here's an interesting video as well, demonstrating the advances technology has been making.


Let's not forget... according to this retired aircraft crash investigator, there is NO PROOF that flights 11,175,77,93 were used on 9/11.


Based on the above, I ask that you take a serious look at the real evidence (like any 9/11 Truther should) before coming to any conclusions.


Thank you.


What about

an engine, explosion or explosive debris instead of a nose cone?

Just asking.

if it was real debris...

there should be an exit hole, and a very visible one, especially for an engine.

I looked at the pictures and videos carefully. My first impression was a missile, but after examining the shape of the nose before the "plane" hit the building, I then saw they looked identical. (At least using the youtube video and available pictures.)

Killtown said he timed it and found the nosecone exited the building the same as it would have if it had gone through thin air. Perhaps others can do this to check.

Also I'd like to find out what officially released DVDs (CNN, History Channel, etc), this nose-out footage is available on, if any. If it's ALL from private collectors, then it needs to be autenticated.

If Killtown found the timing of the nosecone thing

was the same speed as the "plane", that would indeed be suspicious.

I believe there was some strong element of video fakery in the 2nd hit, but it's not clear to me that there was fakery here when it could be poorly timed internal explosives. The thing seems to stick out in every video I can see and is thus not a simple mistake appearing in one or two videos.

but if all the video feed came from ABC and FOX

wouldn't it show the same thing anyway?

It does look like a solid object

not all the feed came from ABC/FOX

other videos came from CNN and various "amateur" videographers.

I think it unlikely this nosecone-like thingy is video fakery in all videos, though one or two early videos, such as the Saltergate video, may show it as a CGI-mistake-- maybe. I don';t think it is conclusive.

This sh*t has to stop

This sh*t has to stop now.
Not once do you guys show proof of an explosion when no plane could be seen. You allways say they ignore you, but the last few weeks 9/11 blogger has been filled with this crap. Also these "ideas" are overrepresented in the main stream media (as to represent a "cross section" of 9/11 truth), so don't play that card as well. And why is it that the videos are faked but not a simple foto of the wtc where the exit hole should have been? Or why didn't they place explosives to resemble an exit hole? Can you also explain why this cgi is so easy to use but for some reason has not been applied to the pentagon video. etc, etc,...

Actually, there are videos where they catch the fireball

but never see the plane.

Some are here:

But the killer fact that shows there was no plane is that different videos show different plane paths, not to mention different planes. The physical behaviour of the plane defies physics as well. Read the no-plane evidence kit at my blog, and learn.

not again

Its interesting, that the "CGI" (in real world we call it compression) is used only on videos from :D

4 GB of source material...

4 GB of source material could be yours. no charge, no catch, just point your browsers @ and download the CNN and FOX source material from ~9.00 AM to ~10.30 on the morning of 9/11

complaining about second rate videos? only takes a little googling to find non youtube ones.. and a little more bandwidth to retrive them. start being resourceful and you might surprise yourself.


It seems, that you just found google :) congrats
I have all the DVDs 40+GB i dont need your poor links, no thx.
Post that links to no-planers :D, they can use them instead of

If you try to use hi-res videos from DVDs as an evidence, you will see... ehm, real planes with no missing parts, you might surprise yourself.

Oh, I forgot those DVDs are all manipulated.

my email to the site

Re: the article you recently published-- "Fringe Theories Harming 9/11 Truth Movement"

You are badly, badly mistaken in your assumption that the fuselage-like protrusion from the North face of WTC2 early in the explosion is the fuselage of a jet. There simply is NO exit hole in that part of the building to account for a fuselage, if you bother to analyze the photos in the NIST report.

I expect you will issue a retraction on your site if you wish to maintain your credibility.

As far as your diatribe against no-planers and CGI technology, I'm afraid you really haven't done your research there either.

Please refer to the articles here:
for strong evidence that no conventional planes were used on 9/11 and that 2nd hit videos were faked.

Thank you,


Its a shame Prison Planet is

Its a shame Prison Planet is even having to waste time on these disinfo jokers. Please get the f*ck off 911blogger assclowns! You don't represent me or 99.9% of the movement. GO CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR CGI DISINFO ROCKS!

what is disinfo about pointing out that they are wrong

about the fuselage sticking out?

Jeez, you really need to cut down on some of that coffee you must be drinking.

No the Coffee’s fake, its

No the Coffee’s fake, its the CGI blend. Get a clue you brainless asshole; you have no idea of how crazy you sound. I for example believe based on the evidence and the power structure, that there’s probably an elite clique effectively running the planet. But I won't go around saying that type of shit to people because I recognise how crazy it sounds. There are much more affective things to present to people, which will actually make them think and question. Especially when it comes to 9/11. So people such as yourself pushing this pointless bullshit either don't understand people's perceptions. Or you do, and are deliberately making yourselves look ridiculous as to damage the truth movement, period.

PW Watson responds and my response

( responding to
Thu Sep 07, 2006)


only 2 TV stations had a LIVE broadcast of the second hit.
Unidentified Choppers filmed from 5-8 miles away and couldn't have shown a real aircraft, since they filmed with a High-Res military camera system, WESCAM (L-3 Communications), which would have revealed much better details. They are also used on military satellite systems.

The names of almost all other camera operators incl. the live-hit operators remain unindentified as well!

The simulated flight paths of both aircraft silhouettes contradicted with each other in the 2 live broadcasts.
Also a recreation with flight simulators showed further discrepancies of their alleged positions.

The fakery was easy to establish: Uploading flat logo-like graphic inserts impostering aircrafts was no big deal during 2001.

There was enough time to doctor non-live footage as well, possibly established by terror drill designers.

You are manipulating a growing number of supporters which refined the argument over the last 2 years.

The eye-witness debate is watering down the argument.
They contradict each other any way.

There's also amateur footage of the second hit which doesn't have any plane in it.
Eye-Witnesses actually came forward and testified they didn't see or hear any plane, incl. Don Dahler from WABC.

You can invite me into your show. There is nothing to debunk.
You fight windmills and support the media matrix.

PopMechanics ignored our findings so far, so did MSM.
No major TV network tried to either dicsredit or debunk the findings of 9/11 TV Fakery.
Your point is meaningless and a deceptive orwellian meme.

The "rationality" of "thinking persons" had been ruined via brainwash and high tech over the last 2 decades via TV, X-Box + Hollywood Alliance.
This point is meaningless as well.

MSM is playing the 9/11 Truth Movement since they overhyped the 9/11 Truth Movement. The evidence on controlled demolition didn't help so far as well.

This isn't about a limited hangout, thermite and some Scholars.
This is about a paradigm chance of replacing manipulative MSM with the growing power and influence of podcasts and blogosphere.

More also here:
Top 30 Evidence for 9/11 TV Fakery

If you're an honest man, keep an open mind.

nico aka ewing2001

Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

Your argument neccesitates that every amateur photographer and videographer that filmed the second plane hitting on the streets of New York, from distant apartment blocks, and from across the bridge were all CIA plants who edited their footage to exactly the same specifications.

Do you honestly think every single person recording this event was working for the government?

Do you honestly think that eyewitnesses would not come forward saying it was not a plane?

You can post my response if you want but I refuse to even debate this any further because it's manifestly absurd and it is hurtng the otherwise legitimate 9/11 truth movement which rightly focuses on the PROVEN smoking gun - controlled demolition.

No rational thinking person is going to look at your so-called evidence for more than 2 minutes without concluding it's run of the mill conspiracy crap and the Popular Mechanics of this world will lap it up forever and a day to debunk all of us.

Best regards, Paul Joseph Watson.

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From: Nico Haupt
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Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 4:33 PM
Subject: 9/11 TV fakery: If you have guts, please respond "here"!

Alex, Paul Joseph,

if you have the guts to present your alleged evidence against 9/11 TV fakery,
then please present it here at which is much more powerful than prisonplanet what '9/11 truth' depends:

Open Letter To Paul Joseph Watson (regarding your article on
By CB_Brooklyn

Also, the following people below don't feel offended by the findings of 9/11 TV fakery and therefore dismiss your drivel on "stringe theories".
I'm also ready to get challenged at any time in your show, especially also on how you plagiarized from all of us in the last 5 years.

nico haupt aka ewing2001

South Tower 'Exit Hole' Debunks 767 Fuselage Exit Video
By Killtown
Fringe Theories
CB_Brooklyn on Thu, 09/07/2006
What's important is that CGI was used on ABCs and FOXs feeds. This is a fact, assuming the video evidence hasn't been doctored to trick us. The way the planes entered the buildings, the nose out with no crushing, no exit hole, and different flight paths all prove "TV Fakery". And based on that Technology Review article I keep citing, this is what people must know about. The world MUST learn that news video can be faked, on-the-fly, in real time, live, as an event is happening.
No idea how the Media work?
Submitted by Peggy Carter on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 2:56am.
Video Fakery people *do* know how the Media work. That's the whole point.
If the Media were *ever* going to help awaken the public, it'd been done already!
No offense, but I can't stand people who chase the Media, thinking there will be a breakthrough and just waiting for their moment in the sun with the Media. It's not going to happen. The Media are not our friend.
The idea that our movement could somehow handle the Media, with tact or in any way whatsoever, is the biggest delusion.
The Media constantly diss us, but if we get some small attention, even negative, we think just around the corner is the big breakthrough. ...That's because we have all been conditioned by the Media as much as the poor "sheeple" everybody here looks down upon.
We are "sheeple" too. Believe me.
It's like an abused spouse who covers for the batterer.
"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle
Submitted by shep (not verified) on Wed, 09/06/2006
"...i think this piece (written by PJW, although i believe AJ supports it) dismisses NPT issues too quickly and without giving them true exposure-- especially WTC2 impact physics which makes the strongest impression on me.
alex wants your 15¢/day, he wants you to buy berkey light water filters, and he wants you to use the secure online shopping cart @ but a shill? eh, i don't think so...
...but that doesn't mean i won't send him and PJW a few emails highlighting some 'difficult anomalies' with the alledged planes.
Submitted by Killtown on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 8:25pm.
He didn't break down NPT, he was basically beating a dead horse. NO no-planer I know subscribes to hologram theory anymore and hasn't for a loooong time. Paul can't even write about CURRENT stuff apparently.
David Shayler outed himself as "no-planer"
Shayler: "...TV Fakery...i think they're right about it,
but it's a waste of time..."
August 24, 2006
More 9/11 Scholars signing petition
Cathy Garger and Andrew Lowe Watson signed as 14th and 15th member of the 9/11 Scholars to support a release of a scientific paper at to inform the public on the findings of "9/11TVfakery"/"no planes-forensic evidence"...
...Also signed:
9/11 Truth Speakers like 'Candidate' Craig Hill, Ian McFerran (UK 9/11 Truth Movement), Jimmy Walter, Rev H Thorpe Saxton, Lenny Bloom, Dennis Morrisseau (9/11 Truth Candidate), Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.(decorated American Veteran of One), Thomas J Mattingly (McClendon Group/National Press Club DC) and others...
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Total Information Radio: Nico Haupt on 9/11 TV fakery
Monday, September 04, 2006
Tonight's edition of Total Information Radio features guest Nico Haupt on 9/11 TV fakery. Haupt reports on the political progress of the meme and dissects the 9/11 video footage. Haupt concludes by saying that if the 9/11 TV fakery matrix is not cracked, humanity will become irrevocably enthralled to a false Virtual-Reality/Augmented-Reality slavery grid.
Temporary Archive Link
Mirrors here:
Friday, September 01, 2006
NY Villager mentions Haupt and TV Fakery
September 1, 2006
Volume 76, Number 15 | August 30 -September 5, 2006
5 years later, 9/11 skeptics feel they’re close to truth
By David Spett
"...One 9/11 Truth member, Nico Haupt, believes the conspiracy behind 9/11 extends beyond the government. At the Aug. 6 St. Mark’s meeting, Haupt criticized the mainstream 9/11 Truth movement, saying it has “oppressed” his questions and research.
“I created a science group in 2002, which were working for four years, hard, 24/7, opposed by leaders close to the 9/11 Truth movement,” Haupt told the audience, adding that his science group consists of nine researchers and 600 members.
The group’s findings were surprising.
“I believe that Cleveland is the final smoking gun for the passengers [of United 93]. I believe the conspiracy theory that the F.B.I. and the NASA together killed these passengers, either there or they got already killed on board,” Haupt said, waving several crumpled sheets of paper as evidence. “I don’t need to prove anymore what happens to passengers. I don’t need to prove anymore what happens to planes. All I can bring is fact.”
Missiles, not planes, hit the Twin Towers, Haupt added, and all the footage on television and in newspapers has been edited.
After Haupt’s speech, one man, who declined to give his name, said Haupt represented “the fringe of our movement.” It’s “irresponsible” to say missiles hit the W.T.C., the man said, but “parts of that argument have merit.”
“Still, we should lead with our strongest arguments,” the man added.
Morales, echoing that statement, said he didn’t believe Haupt yet but would listen to a full presentation of Haupt’s research and keep an open mind.
In a telephone interview, Morales defended Haupt’s opinion: “What he thinks is his opinion, but he also makes it clear that he separates opinion from conclusion. He’s not prepared to make a scientific conclusion or at least a quasiscientific conclusion. His strong point, which I tend more to agree with, is that the footage, the various mainstream media footage, seems to have been doctored...”
Another 9/11 Scholar speaks out pro "no plane theory"
Judy Cunningham,
Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:06 pm
"...I believe Nico's theory of no planes. There was obviously no plane that hit the Pentagon. I believe that the videos of the plane hitting the WTC were digitally mastered cartoons. It is obvious, if you look at the films, closely. In some, it appears that the planes go into the building like butter, and others are different from other videos of the same scene!!!! It took me years to realized that, but now I believe it!!! Even if there wern't so much evidence, we cannot dismiss any theories of corruption in government, when so much harm has been done to the Constitution, the economy, homeless people, and the whole world is threatened with death, starvation, slavery, etc. Judy..."

Nico, do you have an answer

Nico, do you have an answer for Paul's comment about all the people who took pictures?

PW Watson dares to call Tv

PW Watson dares to call Tv Fakery "absurd" and refuses to debate it further? What kind of 9/11 Truther is he?


He should be ashamed of himself!


His tone is similar to other planehuggers: RUDE.


What did all the eyewitnesses take pictures of?

Here's a possible answer 


Time To Wake Up Paul!


Watson bounced this email, which is very telling.


It is clear that from all the guns, the USG is extremely threatened by the discovery of fakery during 9/11.

Sameold "there would have had to be too many people in on it"

Watson is using the same drivel as "there would have had to be too many people in on it!"
What scares me is that there were so many people in on it! His bull does not address the facts. Nico and 911fakery does!

It is Watson that is the disinformation artist. It is he that is hurting the movement. This "hurting the movement" is the same bull that Kyle Hence, Bryan Sacks, Mike Burger, and Nick Levis tried on me about MIHOP instead of LIHOP. They want us to lie or shut up rather than tell the truth - which would destroy our credibility. They have none.

NO NIST engineer or representative or Implosion World researcher has yet to enter my $1,000,000 challenge!

Again-- calmly,

what is disinfo about pointing out that they are wrong about the fuselage sticking out?

spooked, could you post or

spooked, could you post or link to some hi-res pix of the CGI plane before it enters the building (with its nose visible), and the so called nose-out?

the revolution will not be televised

just following up on something peggy carter wrote over here:

...If the Media were *ever* going to help awaken the public, it'd been done already! No offense, but I can't stand people who chase the Media, thinking there will be a breakthrough and just waiting for their moment in the sun with the Media. It's not going to happen. The Media are not our friend.

and what nico wrote here:

This is about a paradigm chance of replacing manipulative MSM with the growing power and influence of podcasts and blogosphere. and focus (somewhat) on fighting the information war which i believe is mostly waged by the massive corporate media, deciding what's on TV, what's written in the newspapers and magazines, and what's taboo for talk radio. why they quickly dismiss NPT and/or tvfakery, potentially one of the largest 'weapons' used in the information war, i do not understand.

i find podcasts and blogospheres to be an interesting, somewhat twisted, play on action at a distance. podcasts and blogospheres eliminate the isolated confinement the MSM wants and they create something far more dynamic and constructive then the MSM ever could. they break the 'rules of the games' because the MSM has no control over them. the media will never hold your hand and tell you truth because they hide behind the curtain along with the wizard.

sometimes i wonder what's more realistic and what's more valuable: bringing criminal charges upon the perps involved and seeing 'justice' served or shifting global awareness on a massive level and pulling the curtain back. ofcourse, they aren't mutually exclusive so try for both... but don't look for the MSM to help.