I kind of feel like Johnny Appleseed

Two things about me: 1) I'm a shy person and 2) I know our beloved country has been taken over by corrupt leaders. I want to do something, but I feel so powerless ... and afraid.

Recently I bought a generous supply of Carol Brouillet's Deception Dollars Deception dollars

I now discreetly drop them wherever I go. Places such as my local grocery store, Home Depot aisles, department store fitting rooms, school hallways, parking lots, you name it. Regardless of where they're distributed, they are picked up quickly.

A couple of weeks ago I "accidentally" dropped one in a hotel elevator. My room had a window overlooking the lobby. What a thrill it was to see the young man who found it sit down with his friends, pass it around and watch them all discussing it.

If you're like me and don't know how to help spread the word about 9/11 truth, consider this approach and click over to http://www.deceptiondollar.com

Squandering money has never been so much fun!


it works

When I came across the deception dollar, I printed a bunch out and put some in the break room at work. I'm thinking about going downtown and flooding the streets with them. Its catchy and who do you know that doesn't go for what looks like money on the ground?

The Truth Never Lies

Well done! Also, you may feel less shy about spreading truth

if you keep in mind what you are doing is fully protected (and encouraged) under the First Amendment.

Contact Senator Jim Webb - Democrat


Tell or Ask him if he has looked into the anomalies surrounding 9/11.


They are sending in one of the big boys!


anyone want to play?
Together in Truth!

I was wrong

The guy who was talking a big game is no smarter than any other stooge at this site. He actually related the molten metal to the fact that mercury is metal and it is in liquid form?


I did check out the debunking 911 site.... unreal... they have actually put together a play-by-play for people who want to go up against our claims. Funny and sad.

Even funnier is that these goons don't even use it except to post a link to it....
Together in Truth!

JJJ, He thinks that sounding


He thinks that sounding snide and superior will carry a debate. I usually can't stand to go on those sites because I like my blood pressure in the low range, but it IS instructive to see how sophomoric their debunking can be, isn't it? Also, one has to imagine that silent readers' curiousity will be roused after seeing such a pathetic display.

Thanks for getting in the game -- it takes a strong gag reflex.

Good for you

I'm like you, equally shy, and new to the 9/11 idea. I'm desperately thinking of how to contribute in some way, as it's not easy being an activist when married, with kids, and a full time job. First stop is to convince my siblings - a couple of whom are somewhat conservative. Anyway, you've encouraged me that there will exist some original way for me to make a contribution.

Hello jcr911truth -

Welcome to 911Blogger.

Get your siblings to sit down and watch 9/11: Press for Truth, that should open them up to the reality that the government is hiding something.

Then have them watch 9/11: The Myth and the Reality, that should help them realize that the government myth is seriously wrong.

Be prepared to help them work through some very heavy anguish after they realize what most likely happened.

There are many ways you can be an activist, if you have some special skills, particularly web related, you can employ those in whatever way you want and have time for.

Additionally, you can start talking to friends and co-workers about 9/11, nothing heavy at first, work your way into it. Loan them 9/11: Press for Truth and then 9/11: The Myth and the Reality if they are interested.

I always tell people when they ask me what can they do to help spread the truth to do what they are drawn to do. This movement is about countering a paradigm based on fear that promotes hatred. The best way to counter that is through joy and love, so do something you love to do. This will also help sustain you and not detract from your family life. There is so much joy and love in this movement it is truly amazing, I get a week-long buzz every time I work with our fellow truthers.

We are all unique individuals, each of us a very special piece of a truly beautiful mosaic.

btw - Has your spouse realized the truth about 9/11?

My ex-wife is still in denial, she calls it "my drama" (LOL) My teenage daughters are both very hip to the truth, but not yet ready to talk it up at school (boys, friends and clothes, SIGH)

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks for the advice

Yeah, every little bit helps, doesn't it? My wife and two kids are both convinced. They were easy, as they respect me! I'm somewhat liberal whereas two of my sisters are conservative, so it will take some convincing. I sent one of the videos you mentioned (I live in a different country to my siblings) and I'm fairly sure only my liberal sister read it. Anyway, I'm seeing them all next week-end, and they are going to get an ear-bashing. I think people siimply don't want to know. I'm going to tell them about Operation Ajax, Gladio, Pearl Harbour, Northwoods, just to get them started. Then I'll go on to the heavy stuff!

i too am very shy and use

i too am very shy and use the "drop and watch" tactic a lot. :-)


Edit - replied to wrong post

Yes, this is a good tactic

I left one on a lottery kiosk and several days later ended up talking to the person who found it while I was tabling.

I also run them through my inkjet printer, printing our local website address on them, as well as other information in some of the blank spaces. (I use Open Source Writer word processor — you have to mess with it to get it to work; depending on your software and printer; I use an envelope size setting; I can do several hundred in several minutes)

Here is a scanned example of the front:

Modified Deception Dollar


Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst and Correspondent


"When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

9/11 Truth is the Path to Peace

Nice customizing...

Very, very cool....I especially like the red ink....and leaving them at lottery kiosks

I hope people honor you with "the sincerest form of flattery...."

We could also write messages

We could also write messages on real Dollar bills, like "911 was an inside job" , then this message would travel around from hand to hand regarless of political stance..
Write it in the bottom of every Dollar bill you get your hands on, eventually you will receive some yourself and it would give you an idea of how many truthers are out there.

Spectacular Idea!

Spectacular Idea!

junk mail

One of the members of our 9/11 Truth group is sending the mail back. Here is Cathy's quote,
"I take all my junk mail and put it in the postage paid envelopes they send, write infowars.com on it and drop it at the post office on the 15th of every month. Should start doing on the 11th instead."
You can add your own message.

Johnny Appleseed Truth

The whole point of spreading apples to the frontier in the growing US was to provide the pioneers with an easy way to brew alcohol in the form of apple cider. More truth for the children!!

Anyway these are great ways to get the truth out. Most places have a place where tourists go, and that is a great way to make sure the materials go far. I suggest writing a website on the real dollars to send people in the right direction. Also, the glossy cards from 911truth.org that have building 7 on the front are great--the quality makes people take notice in the same way that the great look of the deception dollars do.

The great thing is that we got this far with much fewer people doing this kind of thing--as we grow in numbers, our visibility will increase exponentially, and when we force a debate we win. Especially if it's Bill OrReilly and Tom Delay-types who are going to speak out against us...

We are going to win. It's time to decide what we want our victory to look like. Well done everyone!


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I will say as much:

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having" --V.

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