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Newcastle Herald on 9/11 "Pivotal Moment in History Remains Unclear" by Greg Ray

Newcastle Herald

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Pivotal Moment in History Remains Unclear - Greg Ray

IT’S been said that nobody who researches the subject of the so-called September 11 terror attacks in the United States ever ends up
believing the official story about what happened.

If that’s true, it puts the event in the same class as the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Both events have been regarded as pivotal hinges of history, both are surrounded by intense controversy and neither are satisfactorily explained by official accounts.

After many years, enough of the raw emotion has gone out of the JFK killing for more people to be able to acknowledge that the official ‘‘lone gunman’’ story is rubbish. But even though that story is as demonstrably full of holes as the proverbial Swiss cheese, I’m not sure that a definitive truthful account will ever emerge.

A decade after the September 11 attacks it still isn’t fashionable in many circles to draw attention to the defects in the official account of circumstances surrounding the disaster. That’s a shame, because this event has had immense consequences.