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“Chief Engineer” Hyman Brown by Patrick Marks

“Chief Engineer” Hyman Brown
by Patrick Marks
Colorado 9-11 Visibility

While introducing an interview that appeared on NBC-TV on September 11, 2001, Tom Brokaw referred to Hyman Brown as the “architect” of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.[i]

Hyman Brown was not the architect of the Twin Towers.

The Raw Story Open to 9/11 Articles . . . . ?

(Just a shout out to everyone here to please send all "best info" 9/11 stories and articles to the Raw Story: rawstory.com . . . Especially the current ones about Blair and his hunger strike. I haven't checked to see if any are running there yet, but I received this email after placing a "Plane Truth Project REDUX" blog ad on Raw Story's site . . . Encouraging. We need to break through into more news sites like this - what I would call mainstream internet, or maybe a few degress alternative internet news. Betsy)

Hey guys -- or to whom it may concern:

I want to send a personal thanks for your ad on our site -- and I always welcome the more controversial stuff -- I know we're not the best on 9/11 but I think we've gone a bit farther than some sites have -- esp. a piece larisa did in the last month or two.

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