9/11 Civil Information

9/11 Civil Actions planned during Saturday's Big 420 Rally by Alberta Legislature

9/11 Truth "CIVIL INFORMATION ACTIONS" are planned for this Saturday April 20, 2013 during the annual 420 rally and mass civil disobedience by protesters demanding the decriminalizing of marijuana possession laws in Canada. We still have stock-piles of ae911truth street ready brochures donated by supporters in Edmonton from my 2011 petition drive the brought in 900 plus signatures calling for a made in Canada public investigation of 9/11. These brochures will be shared with 420 protesters that's traditionally attended by thousands. (see past 420-911 Truth action - YouTube video) Other 9/11 Civil Information actions are being planned for Farmer's Markets info pickets and outside the gates to annual festivals such as Heritage Days, Folk Fest, Cariwest parades and as always the highly attended Fringe theatre festival in Edmonton this summer.

More on Civil Information Actions - http://www.ciactivist.org/

Dr. Niels Harrit and wife touchdown in Edmonton, Leaflet's Libyan Rally

With-in hours after coming off a 4 hour flight from Toronto and braving minus 25 C. cold temperatures Dr. Niels Harrit and his wife activist Parnille joined local activist Doug at a Libyan rally in Churchill Square. After the rally we shared leaflets and invited Edmonton's Libyan community to come hear Dr. Harrit's free lecture scheduled for Tuesday February 22 @ 7PM.
YouTube report Sunday's rally..

Niels and his wife are shown at the 7:20 minute mark...
Complete Dr. Niels Harrit Cross Canada Tour details: http://ciactivist.org/Niels-Harrit.html

Promoting Dr. Niels Harrit Speaking Event To Albertans

Promoting Dr. Niels Harrit to Edmontonians this week...

Sometimes a guys got to get out there and be the media...

Reflections on the 9/11 Truth 'March On Ottawa', 2008

From http://911civilinfo.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-reflections-on-911-truth-march-on.html .

I was there, and left in disgust at the bull-horn use; totally bone-headed and counter-productive.

Friday, October 10, 2008
My Reflections on the 9/11 Truth 'March On Ottawa', 2008
by Wayne Prante

I have been planning to write this for some time but wanted to allow people to enjoy their feelings of success, to recover and relax, to process their experiences, as wells as to post videos and pictures, etc. I have been very busy with various 9/11 related projects and personal issues, but have also needed time to process a lot of stuff. Now the time has come to collate the thoughts and feelings that have been running through my mind since 9/11/08.