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"911Blogger.com" Accused: Is Leading 9/11 Truth Site Working For The Other Side?

Editors Note: Since the publication of the below RCFP article, Richard Gage AIA, one of the first names mentioned in the article has published a statement on this subject: Complete Withdrawal of Support by Richard Gage, AIA, for CIT’s "National Security Alert"

Title: "911Blogger.com" Accused: Is Leading 9/11 Truth Site Working For The Other Side?

Commentary by John Bursill - Contributor and supporter of 911Blogger.com

"Is 911Blogger.com working for the other side?" This question has been asked in an article written by the "staff writers" at the Rock Creek Free Press.

I found this article I have attached below rather corrosive and it appears to me some people ("staff writers") want to perpetuate some sort of civil war within our movement over the Pentagon? Or is it only that many people truly believe that no plane hit the Pentagon and need a plausible scenario to make that theory work for them? And the limiting/censoring of CIT's exposure and other advocates of no plane theory, is just too much to bear and they have to speak out for their important theory?

FEDERALJACK.COM and WeAreChange FL. confront Francis Fukuyama and Parag Khanna

FEDERALJACK.COM confronts Francis Fukuyama on his 9/11 involvement


WeAreChange FL. confronts Fukuyama on Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Bilderberg, CFR...

WeAreChangeboston Questions Barry Nolan, Eric Alterman, Callie Crossley, and Ellen Hume at ACLU event

WeAreChangeboston Questions Barry Nolan, Eric Alterman, Callie Crossley, and Ellen Hume at ACLU event
Constitution Day conversation
about the media and civil liberties, at the Boston Public Library on Sept.
16. When Checks and Balances Fail:
The Media and Civil Liberties in the 2008 Election
Tuesday, September 16
6 - 8 p.m.
Boston Public Library
700 Boylston St., Copley Square, Rabb Lecture Hall

This event is an ACLU of Massachusetts conversation with:

- Eric Alterman, The Nation

- Ellen Hume, MIT Center for Future Civic Media

- Callie Crossley, Program Manager for the Nieman Foundation for Journalism,
Harvard University

- Emcee: Barry Nolan, veteran TV journalist

more details about the event here:


Be the Media Revolution: Starting with "Fourteen Points"

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US government wants bloggers to register

Legislation has been introduced by U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to require registration of bloggers with more than 500 readers. To register (in other words, ask permission to enjoin in a priviledge) and become regulated (taxation is one form of regulation) means being subject to administrative, bureaucratic control. Once registered, failure to comply then most assuredly renders one subject to government force and violence. By my posting here, and assuming the readers of 911blogger to exceed 500, then I would be required to register. I ain't gonna do it. 911blogger readers in Louisiana, it's time to call your senator out.

Actually, I see this as a good sign. This means that they are afraid, very afraid. The government, the mainstream media, the globalist elite are very afraid. However, as to be expected and just like any cornered animal, they are lashing out ferociously in their defense. This is only the beginning.... so, get ready. The full text of three articles on Vitter's bill, with links, can be found below the rest of my two-cents worth.

Caller to Alex Jones issues a Calls to Action on January 1

Lucas, from Texas, calls in to the Alex Jones radio show on November 26 asking concerned Americans to watch for his statement at 911blogger.com on January 1.

Download the 1MB audio file here:

(Hopefully he'll get his statement past the mods Cool)

911blogger.com on Digg front page

This 911.blogger.com Blog entry (reproducing the online petition of 9/11 widows) just made it to the Digg frontpage (with 132 diggs right now). It may soon be off again from the "all diggs" frontpage, but it will likely stay for a few more hours on the "politics" frontpage.