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After coming back home to Canada, David Long started to question the official story.

9-11 and its conspiracies
By Kris Sims , September 9, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - Millions watched the events of 9/11 on television - David Long felt it in his bones and saw it with his own eyes.

"There was a really loud sound, it went through the ground and through the building, it felt like an earthquake," said Long, a 39-year-old IT specialist, who was working across the street from the World Trade Center at Merryl Lynch that day.

Osama bin Laden allegedly killed, 9-11 & Election Canada

May 2, 2011- Election Day in Canada. respond to investigating 9/11 and Osama bin Laden who was allegedly killed by U.S.

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Phase Two- Elections Canada- Afghanistan & Investigating 9/11 - Poster Blitz Begins


City wide provided kiosks in the city Edmonton will have this poster featured advertising the web-site that includes YouTube interviews with candidates on 9/11 and investigate 9/11 petition drive and promotions.
9/11 Poster Campaign runs from- April 25- to Election Day!
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