ReThink911 Canada Tour Promo Video


Dear Richard Gage (i presume you read blogger or that people here know you),

I'll try to get out to meet you when you're in Vancouver - would like to shake your hand if only as a symbolic gesture of my appreciation for your work and that of your organization - it matters, big time huge.


Do a Reddit AMA when you hit Ottawa from good 'ol r/conspiracy, which although it was going downhill recently resurrected with an awesome front page making thread on the film "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" in which you had a starring role.

It will go to the from page - and while you're in the process of answering questions, people from among your membership could also comment and provide data, while we then re-post it all through the Canadian subreddits, where appropriate.

Now THAT would rock!

It would make the front page because there's close to 100,000 subscribers to r/conspiracy.

As an example here's a thread i created recently regarding the work of pilots for 9/11 truth. It did very well actually with extremely limited trolling and a like-% of 71-72%, which was a very surprising outcome.

In the interim we can get a BUZZ going, especially if you are able to get some press releases along the way from local Canadian newspapers..!

Then bingo - front page of Reddit - from Ottawa - put the heat on that sob Harper, for cowing to the dictates of the "NWO" and the corrupt system to our southern border, a sell out to the crony-capitalist corruption.

What did Harry Truman say - "I just told them the truth and they called it hell"

Best wishes and safety in all your travels - and let me be the first to say "Welcome to Canada!".

Give 'em hell, for me.

Vancouver Canada

Reddit subreddits... Advertising potential... (on the lower right there is a tab called "Cities" this is full of individual subreddits for the Canadian cities.)

Or look here:

Let's help make this tour a success in the history of the 9/11 Truth movement for Justice!!

Already started..

Got it in Canada, and Victoria to start with - you don't want to flood reddit too fast or all at once, doesn't look good, at all, and would be frowned upon..

I think ads can be purchased (with bitcoin?) at the various subreddits, which get noticed - and another reason that i think an AMA in r/conspiracy where there's the most support for this issue would be great idea, to help push the AMA to the front page. Adds in support of that post could then be placed around reddit, and there could be cross posting as well to the various Canadian city subreddits.

It would be a crazy thing NOT to do, imho.

Here's the link for the Canada Reddit post

As you can see there is a tab for "other discussions", so if the same link is used, that starts to stack up, and we don't want it to go beyond 4 or it will appear as a type of spamming.

Please feel free to go there, vote and comment on all four discussions posted with the promo video link.

Therefore, we need varying link content as the tour approaches for the various cities, preferably via local newspaper coverage...!!! or credible blog story reporting, or fresh videos, and at the very least, with different links and different content preferably unique to each city..



Could someone (other than me) please take over the posting at the Victoria subreddit? Thanks.

Here's the link

For example - someone has asked about the venue, where it is, as they would like to attend because they think it sounds interesting. Thanks.

The reason i'm asking for assistance is so that it will show up and occur on reddit as a real movement, and not just one guy doing it all, which will add credibility.

Don't forget to vote, and comment.

Thanks for your help.


Pass this link around

This website has all the information most people will want to know:


That will be good for a few more posts.

We should list here those subreddits there a notice has been posted.

more support needed

I could use a little more support with the reddit r/canada posting, if anyone's out there or has the time. It's kind of quiet around here, isn't it?

By support i mean not only comments but a few more votes.