teutonic activism

Pulling the daisies

In the spirit of international communication I'm submitting this entry in english, even though it is of limited (read: no) practical usefulness if you happen to dwell outside the german linguasphere. As european solidarity with 9/11 Truth still manifests mostly in ways invisible from inside the bubble, I think this spring marks the perfect time to tap the vast resources of malinformed germans still living under the spell of our conformistic mass media.

For this, I put together eight A3 PDFs intended for a 2x2x2 movable wall assembly, presenting what I deem the strongest evidence, in the best way I could (for now). They are attached below -- feel free to criticize, copy and edit whatever you like. If you feel they represent your thoughts, all it takes is an A3 capable color printer, a simple framework and some spare time to get going!