Why would Al-Queda call themselves "The Database" in 1988?

>Al Qaeda is a name that this group choose for themselves.

No, buddy. That is not true.
There is no reference to Bin Laden ever using the term "Al Queda" until after 9/11/2001,
when he learned that this was what the Americans were calling him and his followers.

Will those who benefit financially, and for job security, use the term "Al Queda"? Absolutely.
"Oh yes", they'll say. "And they have high tech undeground bunkers in the caves of Afghanistan!"
Will the Northern Alliance accept money to help you find these complexes in the hills? Absolutely.
Have we ever actually found more than just some natural caves?

First, let's do a simple experiment to find out what Al Queda actually means.
1. Go to the Google Translator to translate from English to Arabic.|ar|the%20base
2. Type in "the base", click "Read phonetically", then click Translate
3. You will see it literally means "al Qāʻ-dh"

Also, you could also use
Farsi is similar, but displays their strange alphabetic characters, which read right to left.
You'll recognize this symbol on American made documentation about Al Queda.