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Prof. Anthony Hall - Hate Speech as Political Rhetoric: Stephen Harper and 911 in the Canadian Election of 2008

Hate Speech as Political Rhetoric:
Stephen Harper and 911 in the Canadian Election of 2008

By Anthony J. Hall
Founding Coordinator and Professor of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge

Stephen Harper’s campaign has been so unrelenting in its undifferentiated smearing of the entire international movement seeking 911 Truth that it has extended the frontiers of hate speech as political rhetoric. So ruthless has the Harper Team been on this theme that it can henceforth be identified as one of the world’s foremost agencies in the ongoing 911 Cover Up.

Harper’s campaign applied a variation of the tactics employed during the Cold War by Joseph McCarthy’s infamous Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities. In late September the Harper Team’s news releases went ballistic in its McCarthyesque push to characterize as un-Canadian each and every citizen who calls attention to the simple fact that the Bush-led War on Terror rests on nothing but an unproven conspiracy theory.That untenable official conspiracy theory begins with the premise that 19 Saudi high jackers armed with nothing but box cutters, a smattering of flight training and jihadist zeal succeeded in executing the most devastating attack on the continental United States since the War of 1812.

Prof. Anthony Hall on the Lesley Hughes affair

(The sacking of Lesley Hughes reeks of political maneuvering in the run-up to elections in Canada. Hughes was indeed incorrect in writing, "Israeli businesses, which had offices in the Towers, vacated the premises a week before the attacks, breaking their lease to do it." Hughes was apparently referring to the Zim transportation company which did vacate the WTC, but had announced their decision to leave publicly, six months before 9/11. This misinformation is propagated by others, as well. Hughes' short article was dredged up by political muckraking blog, The Black Rod - echo-chambered by right-wing blogs like this one by Jay Currie, until it finally caught the eye of the Wall Street Journal wannabe, The National Post. [Oh yeah, there was one token "Left" blog getting in the action.] Now, the blogs involved are preening after ending Hughes' career as a Liberal candidate. In regard to Hughes, Winnipeg writer Dan Lett says, 'Altar of Google ravenous for sacrifices', and I think he is right. Alas, like the brigade of Flying Monkey bloggers that took down Hughes, his general understanding of 9/11 is rather under-developed. has no problem calling out "Holocaust Truthers" and those who mix racist lingo with their message... but is Lesley Hughes one of those? Or has she been sacrificed on the 'Altar of Google'? Below, Prof. Anthony Hall writes on many of these issues. -rep.)

A Clash of Conspiracy Theories:

Reflections on the Decision to Disqualify Lesley Hughes from Running as a Liberal Candidate in the Canadian Election of 2008

by Anthony J. Hall
Founding Coordinator and Professor of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge
Alberta, Canada

On September 26 the Canadian Jewish Congress commended the Liberal Party of Canada for dismissing Lesley Hughes, a federal candidate in a Winnipeg riding, for a factually wrong and ill advised comment she made in a paper delivered several years ago exploring a broad array of issues concerning the question of what really transpired to cause the events of 911.

Sylvain Abitol, Co-President of the CJC asserted, “Ms. Hughes crossed a line which cannot be crossed under any circumstances because there is no place in Canada for 9/11 Jewish conspiracy theories.”

I agree with the CJC’s contention insofar as we must strive to prevent ethnic or religious prejudices from colouring our interpretations of, and responses to, the assaults on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon seven years ago.

Prof. Anthony Hall corresponds with NDP Candidate Dr. Mark Sandilands (Canada)

(Hall will be interviewed by Carol Broulliet tonight - Sept. 22, 2008 - Broulliet also interviews 9/11 researcher Nick Levis tonight. -rep.)

20 September, 2008

Dr. Mark Sandilands,
NDP Candidate for Lethbridge

Thanks Mark for the quick and thoughtful reply. Maybe if you get a
chance to read my paper you will see I address directly some of the
questions you raise.

In my view the failure of the United States to conduct a credible
domestic investigation into the events of 911 ultimately puts the
issue in the international arena. So too does the conduct of officials
in the US-initiated Global War on Terror ultimately demand some sort
of international proceeding to address the war crimes and crimes
against humanity that are taking place even as we speak. These crimes
all have one thing in common-- they are all being committed with the
dark rationale of an increasingly implausible and discredited
interpretation of what happened on 911.

September 22, 2008 - 9/11 Truth Radio Show with Nicholas Levis and Professor Anthony J. Hall

Monday, September 22, 2008- Listen 10:00 pm- 12:00 am (Central Time) to the weekly Questioning War- Organizing Resistance radio show on the and to our guest in the first hour- Nicholas Levis and to our guest in the second hour- Anthony J. Hall.

The Lies and Crimes of 911: A Canadian View of the War on Terror's Origins - By Professor Anthony J. Hall

Statement on "Facts Not Fairies" Web Site by Anthony J. Hall

17 September, 2008

I want to put in the strongest possible language the fact that I completely disassociate myself from the web site Facts Not Fairies. Today it is carrying on its main page the video and article "The Lies and Crimes of 911" that I presented at the 911 Edmonton Truth Convention on September 6.

The unnamed authors of the Facts Not Fairies site did not seek my permission to disseminate this intellectual property nor would I have granted it to them if I had been properly informed of the site's contents.