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New dc911truth Brochure Reaches Out to Antiwar Groups

dc911brochure cover

At last week’s antiwar rallies in Washington DC, members of dc911truth handed out hundreds of brochures aimed at the antiwar crowd, telling them that the 9/11 Commission Report was based on lies, yet 9/11 remains the single pretext for the unending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

With few exceptions, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and many antiwar group representatives promised to allow 9/11 truth to be an open topic at future meetings. They're finally realizing that only by joining forces to expose the 9/11 lies and coverup will enough public pressure build to end the war and bring our troops home.

The Washington Post characteristically downplayed the event: “The demonstrators were an odd assortment of left-wing interests… a group distributed literature suggesting that 9/11 was a U.S. government conspiracy.”

Quick observation about the Ron Paul crowd vs. the antiwar movement

By and large, the antiwar movement suffers from lack of organization, lack of cohesive focus, and infiltration/co-option at the highest levels.

To the contrary, the grassroots Ron Paul campaign is fueled by thousands of highly motivated individuals who have been coalescing into action-based local networks, mostly via Meetup, that have been doing serious visibility work similar to what organizes every eleventh.

If Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination, his active supporters will likely want to keep pushing America in the right direction -- and the 9/11 truth movement, especially the Every Eleventh campaign, could be just the outlet they need.

Quality outreach efforts would be needed to convince many who are not yet on the same page we are, but an alliance with the Ron Paul crowd could have huge payoffs for the truth movement.