Eleventh Of Every Month

London Truth Rising 2010

On Saturday September 11th, 2010, 30+ arts and music venues in London will be holding events to
raise awareness about the true nature of the events that changed the world 9 years ago.

In light of two wars in the middle east and ever increasing restrictions on our civil liberties, understanding
what happened on the day has become more important than ever.... Join us in opening up the debate.

Featuring: high profile speakers, documentary screenings, comedy, live performances, discussion, workshops.


On Sunday 12th September join us for public outreach as we take
the message of 9/11 Truth for Peace to the streets and people of London

We Are Change UK: April 11th

Members of We Are Change UK visited the United States Embassy in London this April 11th in support of the truthaction.org international autonomous grassroots campaign 'The Eleventh of Every Month'.

We encountered some Iraqi refugee's and a large number of police officers.


Albany rocks the 11th

Albany 9/11 Truth takes it to the streets again this 11th. We will be fully equipped with two info-boards, cameras, pamphlets and DVD's. Photos and video to come.

There Is NO Excuse...

The 11th of this upcoming month, August, thankfully falls on a Saturday.

I don't need to tell you what's at stake. If you need a little "push", why don't you take the time to read this. You will find it to be very enlightening.

There is...


Not to get out on August 11th, 2007.