WTC7 Question-Argument Database Web App Ideas

I'm interested in developing a database that could serve as the back end for a site dedicated to documenting and organizing facts, questions, and arguments related to the science of the destruction of WTC7. I am not a scientist, but I'm interested in doing this so that I can nail down the main points of contention about the destruction in context and in an organized fashion. I find this to be the most problematic thing about discussions which many times just jump from one topic to the next, with participants only hoping they've made a point, without any real idea if they have. I'd like to be able to clearly point to a node in the argument and say "here's where we disagree. are there any related (parent/child) arguments? can this argument be verified? what other information do we need to verify this argument?"

Arab News - US should put 9/11 to rest with facts

Title: US should put 9/11 to rest with facts
Source: Arab News "The MIDDLE EAST's Leading English Language Daily"
Published: Tuesday 16 March 2010

Url: http://arabnews.com/opinion/columns/article30535.ece


Why should any challenge to official version be treated as treachery?

It’s been almost nine years since the Sept. 11 attacks yet questions still remain and accusations keep coming. Last week an influential elected member of Japan’s ruling Democratic Party and head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Yukisha Fujita said he believes that 9/11 was perpetrated by shadowy forces within America and then covered-up. He also claims that at least eight of the hijackers are still alive and suggests that The World Trade Center Building 7 was deliberately demolished with explosives.

9/11 Fact Sheet

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Isn't 9/11 a partisan political issue, where extremists in one party are simply trying to smear the other party for political gain?

No, credible people from across the spectrum question 9/11 (Internet Explorer required). See also this website.

2. Isn't it disrepectful to the victims of 9/11 and their families to question the events of that day?

No. Many of the families of the victims question the official story and are demanding that the truth be disclosed.

3. Isn't it clear that Mulsims carried out 9/11, and the war on terror is a clash of civilizations and religions? Therefore, isn't 9/11 skepticism harmful to our faith?

Actually, 9/11 truth is a vital issue for all people of faith. That is why prominent Christian theoligians state that 9/11 was an inside job, and prominent Jewish scholars and rabbis say that uncovering the truth of 9/11 has the power to bring positive, lasting change to our nation and to our world.