free film screening

Commemorating the Seventh Anniversary of Seeking the Truth - DC Premiere of the Film, Able Danger


If you're in the DC area, feel free to join us for a very informed evening of discussion, Q&A with 9/11 filmmakers and research experts, as well as the DC Premiere of the dark levity and film noir 40s detective style of the 9/11 film, ABLE DANGER.

Opening the evening's film series will be the film TERRORSTORM at 6pm followed by a question and answer session wth a series of short videos. At 9:11pm, we will then present the screening of the DC premiere ABLE DANGER.

911 Press for Truth, Downtown NYC Screening on 12/10/06

A free screening of 911 Press for Truth in SoHo (downtown), NYC at 2pm on Sunday, December 10th, 2006 at 32 Watts Street. Make reservations at: