Forming Local Groups

Below is something I've been working on to contribute to the new "activism" page here at 911blogger. I'd like to get some feedback, especially from people currently in groups or those who would like to start them in the near future. Also, because this information needs to be edited for brevity, feedback about which points are most important and which may be "too obvious" is also appreciated.

911bloggers who come from the right side of the political aisle are especially encouraged to comment -- my organizing experience prior to my 9/11 work has definitely been among leftists. How would you get the word out to libertarians/ Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and other potentially interested groups? Could you leaflet a gun show? (I'm not kidding -- I've been to gun shows!)

Forming Local Groups

If you’re used to interacting with other truthers online for the most part, you will probably find meeting with a group of people in real life exciting and a great source of support and inspiration.

Starting your group.

First, check around and see if one exists in your area already! The places you need to check will also be the places you use to get the word out if you don’t find a group that already exists. Check, yahoo groups, google groups – search under a variety of terms (9/11 Truth, 9/11 Skepticism, 9/11 Visibility, plain ol’ 9/11) or if possible, scan all the groups meeting in your community, especially under headings like politics and current events. Scope out your local version of craigslist if you have one, and likewise your closest community Local independent weekly papers will sometimes list groups in their personals sections. Be sure to check and their list of grassroots contacts.

Are there any Utah truthers out there?

I live in Provo, UT--Brigham Young University's home town--and wonder how many of us there are out here who support Dr. Jones and the 9/11 truth movement in general.

Has anyone been actively meeting as a group? Would you like to? If so, contact me ( and let's get something started. Spencer Morgan (in Salt Lake City) can also be contacted at