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How many Pentagon witnesses say they saw a plane hit light poles?

757 impact proponents seem to have no problem citing mainstream media reports with zero research, analysis, confirmation, or investigation.

Considering that 9/11 was a psychological attack with the media being the weapon of choice this is inherently suicide in the pursuit of truth.

Typically the same lists are published over and over by people like Jim Hoffman, Eric Bart, and most recently, anonymous blogger Arabasque.

CIT has shown you why we can't trust a lot of these suspect witnesses and why it's so important to seek out previously unknown witnesses if we want to find the real truth.

Due to the north of the citgo evidence we focus a lot of attention on the light poles and see them as the key physical evidence proving an outright deception on 9/11.

So this thread is meant to examine all known witnesses who allegedly saw the light poles get hit.

The downed light poles at the Pentagon were staged in advance.

The downed light poles at the Pentagon are arguably the most convincing evidence that a 757 caused the physical damage that day.

But now that we know the plane was on the north side of the CITGO station it is clear that it could not have hit the poles.

This is compounded by the fact that it is physically impossible for Lloyd England's story to be true.

This may seem like a complex task but it would actually be quite simple for the suspect in question to accomplish.

First realize that the area is the literal backyard of the suspect and one of the most highly secured areas in the nation.

It's right by the heliport where the President travels from quite often and in fact he had left from there the day before and was scheduled to return there that afternoon!

Heliport firefighter Allan Wallace:

CIT presents: "The First Known Accomplice?"

Citizen Investigation Team presents our interview with taxicab driver Lloyd England in regards to the 9/11 Pentagon attack. Lloyd's account of a jet airliner clipping light pole #1 causing it to spear his windshield has been thrown into serious question as a result of testimony from the witnesses at the CITGO station who all place the plane on the north side far from the light pole that allegedly hit his cab. At this point the debate about what happened at the Pentagon boils down to whether you choose to believe the CITGO witnesses or Lloyd. CIT asks you to make up your own mind but suggests you watch Lloyd's first-hand testimony in this presentation after viewing the testimony from the CITGO witnesses presented in The PentaCon for free on our website:

"The First Known Accomplice?"