FLIGHT 93 2010 Thanksgiving weekend featured an ‘In Memoriam’ segment on Sunday NFL Football with Terry Bradshaw, Rocky Blier, Franco Harris and other ‘70s Pittsburgh Steelers players from one of the greatest football dynasty’s in NFL history. The celebration of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) honored the passengers and crew of flight 93 as heroes who brought the plane down in a Pennsylvania field before it could strike yet another target on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. As everyone eulogized and spoke of the heroics as a voice over, original footage played on the screen. It’s been shown over and over these past years from every conceivable angle, but it’s easy to have forgotten just how bizarre the scene was. Besides the great praise and touching music, and through the naturally occurring misty eyes everyone gets when viewing a tragedy like that, something was none the less wrong and it reared its ugly head yet again as a reminder of just what this government is requiring us to swallow. No bodies.