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The Uphill Battle By Cindy Sheehan

(This was in my emailbox this morning. Thought it worthwhile to share in that, like Cynthia McKinney, a rare breed in politics but maybe changing, she is willing to speak Truth to Power . . . . I'm unable to source this . . . find a url link . . . but there's this: -- Betsy)

The Uphill Battle
By Cindy Sheehan

A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

When one reflects on ones life, there are several ways to do it. We can look back in a linear fashion and say, for example: "When I was 11, my beloved grandmother died." "In 1975, I graduated from high school." "In 1977, I got married." "In 1979, I gave birth to my first child, a son." "In the 1980's, money was tight." You get the picture.

Or, we can look at life as a journey or path we are on. The road has been smooth, rocky, windy, narrow, or wide; we have descended into deep, dark valleys, or we have sailed along on cruise control, until an unexpected obstacle arises and there's either a crash or a near miss.

A New York Times report shines a light on how the military-industrial complex tries to shape broadcast news.

TV military 'analysts' are part of what Ike warned against

A New York Times report shines a light on how the military-industrial complex tries to shape broadcast news.

April 27, 2008

The faces dominating the front page of The New York Times last Sunday were male, strong-jawed and familiar. Indeed, that was the point.

They were the faces of nine retired military officers (there were more inside the paper) who appear regularly on network and cable television news to give viewers informed, independent assessments of the war in Iraq.

At least that was the idea.

What viewers have been getting, the Times revealed, is something quite different. The paper reported convincingly that some retired officers appearing as "military analysts" have been pushing Pentagon propaganda in return for continued access to top officials and financial benefit for themselves.

The Real Matrix: The Pentagon Invades Your Life By Nick Turse

Depressing . . . Betsy

The Real Matrix
The Pentagon Invades Your Life

By Nick Turse

Rick is a midlevel manager in a financial services company in New York City. Each day he commutes from Weehawken, New Jersey, a suburb only a stone's throw from the Big Apple, where he lives with his wife, Donna, and his teenage son, Steven. A late baby boomer, Rick just missed the Vietnam era's antiwar protests, but he's been against the war in Iraq from the beginning. He thinks the Pentagon is out of control and considers the military-industrial complex a danger to the country. If you asked him, it's a subject on which he would rate himself as knowledgeable. He puts effort into educating himself on such matters. He reads liberal websites, subscribes to progressive-minded magazines, and is a devotee of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In fact, he has no idea just how deep the Pentagon rabbit hole goes or how far down it his family already is.

April 4th . . . The Time is Now for Global "Truthism" . . . 04.04

40 and 4

April 04, 2008

Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one's own bosom and in the surrounding world.
-Martin Luther King, Jr. Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
April 04, 1967

Martin Luther King, Jr, delivered his brilliant speech: Beyond Vietnam at the Riverside Church in NYC exactly one year before he was killed, 40 years ago on April 4, 1968, on that infamous balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. His most famous speech is the brilliant I Have a Dream that he delivered to the mass of people who gathered in front of the Lincoln Monument in DC for a Civil Rights' gathering in 1963. Dr. King's Beyond Vietnam speech, however, clearly makes the connections between poverty, racism and militarism and was very threatening to the out of control war machine that was waging a bloody, bloody catastrophe in Vietnam. Dr. King was an effective orator and great organizer, but when he gave his Beyond Vietnam speech, (which many of his colleagues begged him not to give) he became a threat to the pigs of war.


This is an excellent video by greenback


The War Profiteers- We are NOT supposed to notice them.

.... the things that matter

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs)

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs)

A graphic novel revelation about 9/11 and the global elite

Telling a story that our mainstream media rarely come near, this illustrated volume gives us an understanding of 9/11 as a cynical ploy by global elites to maintain their control. With a review of history from medieval bankers to the corporate 'new world order' of modern neocons, writer Jeremy Begin and artist Lauren Salk deftly set out the patterns of war and terror which have kept the masses subservient.

While police state control and war without end are becoming the expected norm, this analysis delves into aspects of the larger framework into which 9/11 fits and scrutinizes the ancestry of the players who transcend commonly accepted partisan divisions.

Building on the research of such notables as theologian David Ray Griffin, Michael Rupport, and Anthony Sutton—all of whom have questioned the government’s account of 9/11— this book discusses key issues confronting America’s citizenry and steps the populace can take to not only halt but reverse the march towards totalitarianism.

Article on the Military-Industrial-Complex, PNAC, and 9/11 by Andrew Marshall, in the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Andrew Marshall brings a Canadian's perspective to the discussion of the Military-Industrial-Complex, PNAC, and 9/11 in the Journal of 9/11 Studies. Andrew also discusses the North American Union in this context. His paper is based on a talk he gave at the Vancouver, BC, conference in June 2007. (I heard his talk and invited him to present this as a paper to the Journal.) He brings fresh insights as a university student, and he noted to me that he benefited greatly from the peer-review process.

Please note that the editors of the Journal of 9/11 Studies WELCOME articles by university students.
From the paper:

Corporate Politico's and the "Revolving Door"

Below I have compiled a list of powerful politicians and other governmental personnel, from both past and present, as well as their connections to the corporate world. In case anyone was wondering why our leaders are not doing anything, it may having something to do with that fact that it is in their best interest not to. It is pretty scary when you realize how deeply intertwined the American government is with Corporate America.

John M. Deutch: C.I.A. Director 1995-1996 -- Board of Directors of Citigroup(Banking Firm) Raytheon (Military Contractor)

Robert M. Gates: National Security Council,C.I.A. Director 1988-1992 Secretary of Defense 2006 -- Board of Trustees of Fidelity Investment(Banking Firm) On Board of Directors of SAIC (military contractor)

Dick Cheney: White House Chief of Staff 1975-1977, Secretary of Defense 1989-1993, Vice President 2000 -- Served as CEO and Chairman of the Board at Halliburton(Military Contractor) Board of Directors Procter & Gamble(Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer), Union Pacific (Largest Railroad company in America), Electronic Data Systems (Computer technologies).

9/11 expressed through Interpretive sex? (NSFW)

The strikeback website contains sexual content not appropriate for minors. Or frankly, some adults. Click with discretion. -rep.

Just in case you didn't catch it in the title, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


There is a little controversial film titled FLESH made by Edouard Salier which mashes imagery of 9/11 with pornography in order to form a unique reinterpretation of the events on 9/11 and the outcome.

From the 'About' Section on Film's site (Strikeback Films):

"Flesh contrasts Americans and Terrorists. America as corrupt, libinous and excessive as religious fundamentalists present it. America, the superpower, filled with such fervour and energy that it can feed its own aggressions and contain within itself a violence inherent to the foundations of its very empire.