Military NRBC terrorist excercise over Paris. Hope that no one used it to spread the H1N1

Herblay FRANCE
bonjour , this week between the 19 and 23 october 2009 the military had a bioligical , ... terrorist attack exercise over Paris using the big zeppelin in the photo. Knowing that on 911 and 7/7 there were terrorist exercises going on at the same time as the terrorist attacks, I hope that no one profitted from the occasion to insert the virus H1N1 into the inoffensive gas used for their experiences.
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France has spent more than 1000 0000 0000 euros in H1N1 vaccins and if there is no H1N1pandemie, the state will have 80 millions vaccins to recycle or sell off.

We will see if in the two weeks a pandemie in Paris is declared.

Yours John