Pamela Senzee


Rena Patty and Pamela Senzee are bicycling across America to bring 9/11 Truth to firehouses, police departments, sheriffs and local media.

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Radio interview in Copenhagen from Whitefish, MT

by Rena Patty

A highlight of our time in Whitefish was a radio interview set up by Pam that included Neils Harrit in Copenhagen, Richard Gage in California, Pam and myself in Whitefish, MT, hosted by Josef Hanji on a local Copenhagen radio station.

Another highlight was opportunity to meet with an architect who lives in Whitefish, Richard Smith, and discuss current events. Several of us watched the Experts Speak Out documentary together.

We can do radio interviews from the road by cell phone. You can help. Let your local radio station know about the unique opportunity to interview us from the road as we ride across the country to raise awareness for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. We'll invite one of the experts from Experts Speak Out to join the interview.