radio ad

Let's organize radio ads in New Hampshire to force the issue of 9/11 truth during the election season. Please give input!

During the local elections in Vermont, Craig Hill (running for Senate under the Green Party) ran radio ads in support of 9/11 truth. While stating his political motivations, he also did a great job of spreading the word surrounding the inaccuracies of the common understanding of the events surrounding 9/11.
At a time when Guiliani is asking New Hampshire for their support, it would be a great opportunity to get the truth out there about 9/11 and Guiliani.

For only a few hundred dollars, we could bombard them! With the way the internet and other means of sharing information are set up, one would have to search for the truth. A wonderful quote I once heard was "Keep them asking the wrong questions and we won't have to worry about the answers [sic]" The radio is on and people are listening.

Any ideas are welcome. We could accept donations into a Paypal account or try some sort of fundraising. I think it is time to stop sitting here bitching, and start getting out there!