Occupy Oakland Historic Strike & Port Shutdown, War on the Streets 11-2-11

Media Roots captures some great energy and epic highlights from the day of the historic general strike in Oakland on 11-2-11. Footage includes the strike, the shutdown of the banks around town, the march to the port and the shutdown of the Port of Oakland.


Daily Kos, for once, says something useful.

Some insane Democrats have just insanely voted for an insane bill to insanely approve THREATENING Iran, which is insanely similar in enough symbolic ways to the insane AUMF to make the use of the word insane.....mandatory. And of course, the Republicans are insane too, but we all knew that. Our government is yet again ratcheting up its War Machine to attack yet another sovereign nation that has taken no direct action to harm us.

Combined with continuously giving unconditional blood money to Bush, and the FISA debacle and SOOOO many other just.....insane....actions they have taken and sane ones they have not can anyone have ANY hope that the Democrats as a whole will in any way oppose Bush? And if THEY don't oppose Bush, oppose war with Iran, oppose $200 Billion to kill Iraqis.....who will?

General Strike 9/11/07

[GW's comment: Do you think this is a good or bad idea?]

A moderator at Truth Move suggests a strike on 9/11:

"Endless War.
Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis.
Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone.
Executive Privilege: No Accountability.

9/11 Questions?

Corporate Media.
Corporate Government.

Tyranny. Fascism. Lies.

The Time Has Come.
To Say NO.
While We Still Have a Chance.

Tuesday 9/11/07
No Work. No School.
Hit the Streets."