Online Poll show CIA planned 9/11 Most likely true

A poll posted at Trutv's website asks [which is] "most likely to be true". Pitted against common myths and folklore, the CIA planned 9/11 ranked #1 with almost 30% of the vote. The poll is still open, go over and vote. There is also an opportunity to submit your own "conspiracy tip" as well. I submitted a link to Jon Cole's latest thermate experiment. Feel free to submit your own too.

vote Most likely to be true is
CIA planned 9/11
Government contact with ETs
Illuminati control world events
Global warming is a hoax
Moon landings were faked

Just an observation, it's funny that 9/11 truthers are often conflated with moon landing deniers when so few often deny its authenticity. Maybe its because when they got back some 300 scientists around the world received moon rocks? I'd like to see 300 scientists around the world get WTC dust samples. I would have liked to see how holocaust denial stacked up too.

God's speed all..


Jesse Ventura Episode 4: The "Big Brother" Conspiracy

This episode of Jesse Ventura definitely does deserve to be posted and discussed here, as domestic spying is obviously directly related to 9/11 and its aftermath. Watch and discuss!