von Kleist

Has the video: "9/11 Ripple Effect" by von Kleist & Lewis Received the Attention It Truly Deserves?

"9/11 Ripple Effect" full version is a 96-minute video packed with info demonstrating that 9/11 was surely an inside job!

Near the beginning, it explores the taboo subject of pod(s) underneath UA-175 that struck the south tower. IMO, it presents the pod theory in a very credible way, with commentary from several experts. (IMHO, it seems possible that the white-hot object being ejected from the aircraft/tower was supposed to impact WTC-7 and rip a huge hole in it, as a pretext for WTC-7's implosion.)

After the pod theory, the rest of the video is a solid indictment of 9/11 as being an inside job.

Website: http://www.911rippleeffect.com/