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"911 False Flag" (mostly German with English subtitles)

Lot's of key evidence laid-out carefully & slowly.

WeAreCHANGE Ohio confronts Bill Maher on Impeachment & 9/11

Bill Maher decided to make a stop on his comedy tour in Ohio. WeAreCHANGE Ohio was able to successfully infiltrate the show modeling the work of WeAreCHANGE LA after their successful infiltration of his show regarding his disrespectful statements where he attempted to comically call out 9/11 truth activists. According to Bill Doyle head of the largest 9/11 victims family members group the majority of them believe it was an inside job. According to Bill Maher they're all nuts.

PIMPIN TURTLE Confronts Sen. Joe Lieberman on WTC-7 & 9/11

PIMPINTURTLE.COM confronts Senator Joe Lieberman, during his campaign for John McCain, about World Trade Center building 7... and asks if he would be willing to support a new investigation into 9/11.

Ex-Bush's Health Chief's Firm Wins Sept. 11 Work [Looks Like A Set-up to Deny Benefits to 1st Responders]

As President Bush's health chief, Tommy Thompson was criticized for not doing enough to help workers exposed to toxic debris from the Sept. 11 attacks at the World Trade Center.

Now, a company he leads has won a $11 million contract to treat some of those workers who responded to New York's ground zero....

Columbo's Final Case: The Hunt for Bin Laden

Using popular culture and humor to spread 911 truth, the producers at Brooklyn v Bush TV present:


The following email sent out by Les Jamieson has some great questions & answers to use when speaking with the general public about 9/11 truth & the need for a new investigation!

Hello all,

Since many of you are active in the petition campaign and will be out with us on Saturday at Union Sq. Park, I want to share some dialogue points. For those on this list who are outside of the NYC metro area, these points should also be of value.


British Judges Slam Police & Prosecutors for Lying & Framing Algerian as “Lead Instructor” for 9/11 Hijackers

Six years of fighting for justice left Lotfi Raissi an emotional and physical wreck and his marriage close to ruin. But yesterday, the Algerian pilot falsely accused of training the September 11 terrorists heard, finally, that he was “completely exonerated” of any part in the attacks on the twin towers...

Three of Britain’s most senior judges condemned the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for abusing the court process, presenting false allegations and not disclosing evidence...

Has the video: "9/11 Ripple Effect" by von Kleist & Lewis Received the Attention It Truly Deserves?

"9/11 Ripple Effect" full version is a 96-minute video packed with info demonstrating that 9/11 was surely an inside job!

Near the beginning, it explores the taboo subject of pod(s) underneath UA-175 that struck the south tower. IMO, it presents the pod theory in a very credible way, with commentary from several experts. (IMHO, it seems possible that the white-hot object being ejected from the aircraft/tower was supposed to impact WTC-7 and rip a huge hole in it, as a pretext for WTC-7's implosion.)

After the pod theory, the rest of the video is a solid indictment of 9/11 as being an inside job.



Certainly looks like FOX was reading ahead on a script they were given that day!

(I first saw this on this morning.)

Big news: History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job!

I spotted this link on the WeAreChange New York website:

Also here:

An Efficient Way to Spread Truth That Everyone Can Do

Since our mainstream media continue to censor 9/11 truth, I urge everyone to begin “mass emailing” 9/11 truth messages now! It is not difficult to disseminate thousands of emails per day. Here are some tips to get you started:

Copy or compose your own 9/11 truth message & open free email accounts at Yahoo, Gmail, etc. These accounts let you send hundreds of emails a day. (Better yet, open an unlimited number of these accounts via an “anonymous proxy” service like the free “TOR” network.)

Buy inexpensive programs called, “email spiders”, & “bulk email senders” to quickly accumulate & send your own email lists. (Most senders let you deliver messages directly to recipients’ in-boxes, bypassing you ISP’s mail servers.)

Alternatively, open an internet account with a bulk-email friendly ISP. You may also buy email lists costing as little as $39 for about 1 million addresses. Look into free WiFi as well.

Merely spend an hour on the web searching the above methods to become familiar with them.