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Killing Baghdad civilians and Reuters journos from the air!

This is similar to the My Lai Massacre, with hopefully enough of an impact to make others sick to the stomach to stop the take-down of the US Republic for the NWO Warlords. We are pretty far down the path now, and only a reversal of the 9/11 cover-up will get us to any basis to help transform this period of horrors for a better future. Time is running out. How much more obvious can the deceivers becoming until the next false flag shuts off the lights for many of us?

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Killing Baghdad civilians and Reuters journos from the air!
By Jerry Mazza

Online Journal Associate Editor
Apr 7, 2010, 00:25

It boggles the mind to watch the short YouTube videos of Wikileaks’ leaked video. To hear the clipped voices of the American helicopter pilots honing in on a group of civilians, including a Reuters photographer and his driver in a July 2007 attack in Baghdad, then killing them, mistaking the photographer’s camera for an AK-47.

500,000 Hidden Casualties - FAILED “War On Terror"

When the combat veteran becomes a peace activist, our chance for success in exposing the September 11 and war on terror charade, increase exponentially.



February 9, 2010 by Gordon Duff



By Gordon Duff
STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Vietnam should have been a lesson but we don’t learn, not when money is involved. In a war with no civilian contractors and a much lower combat/support ratio in theatre, casualty levels were more than ten times higher than during the “War on Terror.” The lessons were there, tens of thousands of suicides and less than half of Vietnam veterans lived to 60 years old. Percentage figures, combat or support, dead, disabled, homeless, prison, divorce, illness and death, always a figure everyone can understand, all avoided like the plague. Ask no questions, suffer no knowledge.

US terror suspects in Pakistan allege FBI torture

The news of the weird is beginning to blend from alternative to mainstream. Note following article on Pakistan-American alleged torture. This is following a regular pattern. Try to buy a hard copy of Harpers Magazine, March issue, and take actions in advising the International Court for a War Crimes investigation into the use of "Extraordinary Rendition" and other forms of torture.

More updated breaking news, like this article, actions and events, posted at www.FlybyNews.com. Perhaps not everything in these resources are 100% accurate, but enough has been confirmed to declare corruption and treason at the highest levels of government. We are in this together.

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US terror suspects in Pakistan allege FBI torture

By NABIL YOUSAF, Associated Press Writer
Tue Feb 2, 6:47 am ET

SARGODHA, Pakistan – Five American terrorism suspects alleged Tuesday that they were subjected to electric shocks and other torture by the FBI and Pakistani police, the latest wrinkle in a case that has added to sensitivities in U.S.-Pakistani relations.

Italian court finds CIA agents guilty of kidnapping terrorism suspect

Following is an article published in the The Guardian, UK, 4 November 2009 -

But also note this "link" to a Wall Street Journal OpEd article that soft pedals criminal behavior in face of International Law.

Italian court finds CIA agents guilty of kidnapping terrorism suspect

• Italian court convicts Robert Lady and 23 others in absentia
• First prosecution for US abduction of suspects to torture states

John Hooper in Rome
* guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 4 November 2009 22.50 GMT

Twenty-three Americans were tonight convicted of kidnapping by an Italian court at the end of the first trial anywhere in the world involving the CIA's "extraordinary rendition" programme for abducting terrorist suspects.

"The demise of the dollar"

We now know for sure that the invasion of Iraq failed to control the oil-specialized wealth domain by corrupt criminal Administrations. This following excerpt by Robert Fisk explains the current predicament and threat for more hostilities.

"Iran announced late last month that its foreign currency reserves would henceforth be held in euros rather than dollars. Bankers remember, of course, what happened to the last Middle East oil producer to sell its oil in euros rather than dollars. A few months after Saddam Hussein trumpeted his decision, the Americans and British invaded Iraq."

In my opinion from a perception of being active in campaigns to stop the escalation of endless war for more than ten years, World War II never really ended. This is why I appreciate the work of Christopher Story, who has been investigating international corrupt criminal monetary systems. Yet it has been the aggressive military program of the US that is threatening everyone, and other countries are responding.

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October 6, 2009
The demise of the dollar
By Robert Fisk