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Hotel bans 9/11 hero

Hotel bans 9/11 hero

North - West Evening Mail | 07/07/2007

A conspiracy theorist who survived the 9/11 attacks has been banned from a Grange hotel over his controversial views.

Decorated hero William Rodriguez, who believes the US government were behind the attacks, has been told he is not welcome at Graythwaite Manor Hotel because of his “political views”.

Mr Rodriguez, a former janitor credited with saving countless lives on 9/11, is due to give a talk on his experiences at the Victoria Hall in Grange tonight (july 5) as part of his European lecture tour.

In February, Mr Rodriguez planted a tree in the grounds of Graythwaite Manor to remember those who died on September 11, 2001, when terrorists flew jets into the Twin Towers.

He was due back at the hotel tonight and tomorrow night as the guest of owners Jimmy and Jane Duncan.

But in a press statement yesterday, Graythwaite Manor Hotel said he would no longer be staying there.

Mr Rodriguez's lecture was organised by Cumbria 9/11 Truth and Peace Group, which also holds controversial views on September 11.

Frank DeMartini: WTC Hero

I've been studying 911 truth for a number of years now, and just today realized that I had somehow missed something very important.

I was watching the Discovery Channel 9/11 documentary today (yes, it didn't cover the questions about the collapse, but it was informative nonetheless). From it, I've learned that Frank DeMartini was not only the construction manager for the WTC, he was also a hero on that day.

Most of us are aware of the video clip where Mr. DeMartini states that the towers were designed to withstand multiple plane impacts. If you've never seen it, here it is:

NEVER, in any of the many references I saw to this man or this clip, did I ever hear a reference to
his heroism. It was always something like "ironically, Frank DeMartini died at WTC".

I'm here to proclaim that Frank DeMartini didn't just die that day. He died saving many other people.
For one source of information on his herorism, see:

God bless Frank DeMartini.