Biblical Christianity & 9/11 Truth

Directly speaking, in December of 2006 I purchased the domain name www.foxnewsantichrist.com because I have now developed a certain level of discernment that drives me to want to daily or weekly blow the whistle on these theatre actors as they enrage me with their lies, which now so often is hurting new 'babes in Christ'. So many people who claim to be Christian have no idea how to view the events around us, and are unable to discern and discipher the garbage the media throws at us without oftentimes merely becoming 'afraid' for their own immediate safety in the coming days and months for themselves, their own families; and they're becoming more and more discouraged from witnessing the Gospel to a 'lost and dying world'

Before I was truly Born Again, I was all over Rush Limbaugh, and taking my cues and developing and shaping my political opinions based on every word the Fox News Sunday fed me.