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Gravity driven model of WTC1 and WTC2 destruction (ROOSD)


Interesting long article at the 911 Forum ( summarizing the ROOSD model that Major_Tom has developed over time. ROOSD stands for Runaway Open Office Space Destruction. I covers a lot of detail. Note that it doesn't cover the initialization event, but given that the top of the towers drop down, slightly displaced at the beginning, it proports that the rest of the collapse can be modelled by the ROOSD system.


He says:

"This version will sent to a number of engineers and engineering organizations, including the NIST, Dr Bazant, Richard Gage and all the crew to solicit feedback once it is cleaned up.

Why do I bother?

I want to get feedback from them and include the reactions within the final version."

Dr Greening's revised and extended paper refutting the final NIST WTC7 report

See for a detailed rebuttal to the final report on WTC7 by NIST. It clearly shows that the NIST explanation is not credible.

Video interviews shows Americans profound ignorance of the world.

See What is even more appalling than their profound ignorance of the world, is their blind allegiance to Bush. Such people will never see the truth of 9/11.

Neocons admit the war is a disaster

There is a Vanity Fair article that tells the sickening story of the neacons lament: see

British voters see Bush as a greater danger to world peace than Kim Jong-il or Ahmadinejad.

America is now seen as a threat to world peace by its closest neighbours and allies, according to an international survey of public opinion published today that reveals just how far the country's reputation has fallen among former supporters since the invasion of Iraq.

Carried out as US voters prepare to go to the polls next week in an election dominated by the war, the research also shows that British voters see George Bush as a greater danger to world peace than either the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, or the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Both countries were once cited by the US president as part of an "axis of evil", but it is Mr Bush who now alarms voters in countries with traditionally strong links to the US.


New paper on anomalies of the intact WTC "bathtub" or slurry walls by Wood and Reynolds

Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds are constructing a site about the anomalies of the intact WTC "bathtub" or slurry walls. They suggest that some unknown weapon was used to pulverize the 2 towers so that their full weight did not fall on the slurry walls and damge them. The pulverization of the towers and the strange heat damage to cars are very mysterious, and I think nuclear devices (even pure fusion ones) can be ruled out because of the lack of affects of intense neutron radiation, and the modest 2.1 seismic shock. See

ImplosionWorld debunks demolision theory

Anyone read the article in ImplosionWorld of August 8 by Brent Blanchard? It is

He goes through 9 dubiously concocted assertions in favor of demolition, and attempts to refute them. He doesn't address any of the hard issues, such as the complete pulverization of the concrete, or the near freefall collapse times.