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Austin 9/11 Truth Now


May 2007

The media is not informing the people, so we are going to be the media and take the information to the people!

To do this, we will be using different types of media: FLYERS! STICKERS! SIGNS! OH MY!!!

FLYERS: We’re asking everyone locally to join us in putting flyers everywhere.

Fold them neatly and place them under windshield wipers on cars and on random bulletin boards at laundromats, on campus, or any other establishment you know that displays public information and publications! Leave them on the counter at businesses “on accident”. Visit local post offices, which usually have counters covered in random EVERYTHING by the end of the day.

Austin 9/11 Truth Now

Join us EVERY Saturday 1-5pm @ Texas Capitol in Austin

Visit our page.Visit our page.

This is a peacefully determined stand for our rights.

We believe that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. We believe that our government had specific knowledge concerning the attacks on the World Trade Center prior to September 11th 2001. As such, we hold that our “elected” leaders could have and should have, taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our citizens and preserve the integrity of our military, both overseas as well as on our own American soil.

We believe that the 9/11 Commission Report is concocted propaganda and was written with that intention. The official story is scientifically inept, yet the Bush administration will not even speak of reopening the Investigation, nor will it hear the plight of the families of 9/11 victims that have demanded the truth for over 5 years.

TOMORROW - 9/11 Truth Protest Austin

Another weekend is upon us and already I am preparing my mind and my spirit for debate.
The facts, the evidence, the argument. The truth is clear in my head, yet this thought in my heart bleeds through my every conscious attempt to hold back the tears.

Two towers.

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Our nation's funeral.

Steel, concrete, asbestos...human life.

Pulverized in 10 seconds...dust.

They want us to believe these buildings were leveled by fire.

110 stories in ten seconds? Complete demolition at free fall speed?

AUSTIN - 9/11 Truth & Anti-war Protest - SATURDAY - 1PM - Texas State Capitol


When: Saturday, January 27 at 1PM

Where: Texas State Capitol @ 11th and Congress

What: Demand a new 9/11 Investigation & Rally against the war

This week we have an opportunity to reach many, many more people. The Texas Solidarity Walk will arrive at the state capital at around 4PM including members of such organizations as:

American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, Texans for Peace, International Socialist Organization, World Can’t Wait-Austin, CodePink- Austin, MEChA, Libertarian Longhorns, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Society for Islamic Awareness, Pakistani Student Association, Tejanos for Truth, Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights, Resistencia Books, ThirdCoastActivist.org, Instruments for Peace, Food Not Bombs, PODER and Austin Center for Peace and Justice

Austin Truth Protest - Saturdays @ 1PM - Texas State Capitol

Austin Truth Protest

We will be holding a peaceful yet meaningful protest on:

Saturday, January 20th @ The State Capitol in Austin

We will be there starting at 1PM (come freezing hell or high water) and we will stay until everyone gets tired and goes home - you may come and go as you choose.

We will be located at the front gates. We will be wearing black Investigate 9/11 T-shirts - if you do not have a black shirt it's not a big deal - come as you are regardless - for it is your voice and your knowledge, not your clothing, that is more important.

We will have flyers and DVDs to pass out. We will have signs also, but they are limited. After the turnout last week we encourage you to get creative and make your own - no profanity please, children attend our protests.

We will not be bullhorning on Saturday. We will be speaking to people on the street. We ask that you be calm, friendly and compliant with the APD Protest rules.