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We gets lots of comments submitted at the Blogger which aren't really news and therefore don't get posted. Most of the submissions are positive and thought provoking, however, we occasionally receive a negative submission which tend to be pretty funny. Anyway, thought I'd post a few of them here for everyone to read:

9/11 and Bush

Before 9/11 ever happened, and GW Bush was voted into office, I had a sense of foreboding. Perhaps it was just the political education I had received and researched through the years which was aided by my church and my political affiliation with an anti-communist group. But I knew the Bushes were bad news, diabolical plotters. When 911 happened i thought they were going to surely use this event as a historical flashpoint to bring about fear and more controlling measures. I even feared they had orchestrated this event. By reading and looking at various web site information, I think that the evidence is conclusive. May the Lord of Mercy shield us from further attacks, save our lives and our freedom, and bring swift justice to the guilty perpetrators of the crime of the century.

banner in little rock

I don't know who associated with this site is responsible for the banner that was put up over I-630 yesterday insinuating that 9/11 was an "inside job", but whoever did is completely devoid of any intellectual capacity. what sort of morons are you? how dare you put up something so insensitive and appalling on the very day we are to honor the ones who are fallen. whoever you are, you need to grow the fuck up and quit coming up with all this anti-Bush bullshit. he's not the enemy. terrorists don't care what party you belong to and you need to get a fucking clue. have a nice day.

SBG: I don't know who put the banner up either, but next time please send a picture.Tongue out

CBC’s 9/11 Slanders

There is an email address at the end of this article, let this uninformed, ignorant prick have it:

 It was the Canadian Left at its absolute insensitive and appalling worst.

On the eve of the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies, the leftist, anti-Bush Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national public broadcaster, aired an outrageous and disgraceful documentary on a Sunday news program regarding half-baked 9/11 conspiracy theories that only served to insult the memories of those who perished that tragic day.

Titled 9/11: Truth, Lies and Conspiracy, the only fascinating thing about the CBC show was its complete absurdity and the fact that it actually made it to air.