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Keith Olbermann -- Search for 9/11 Truth

From 911 TruthAction:

All of you are aware of Keith's fearless Special Comments.
If you haven't emailed him directly, you should. His email address title is:

Search for 9/11 Truth.
Go to

Ask him to feature the Jersey widows.

William Rodriguez's world journey telling his story.

Or something current relating to 911 Truth.

He is looking for the truth.

- David

The Cleveland Airport Mystery - Second Edition

The Cleveland Airport Mystery

Second Edition: A wargame codenamed "Delta 89" - by Woody Box

--- Now, just to deal with the possibility of the missing United Airlines flight, the mayor of Cleveland, Michael White, says that a Boeing 767 out of Boston has made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport because of concerns that it may have a bomb aboard. There is some possibility that may be the missing United flight, but we do not know. --- Peter Jennings, ABC News, 11:50 am, 9/11/2001


Check it out here:

Graphic for Mass emails

This was sent in by Ted, suggests emailing it around, damn fine idea:
Graphic that is easily copied and pasted into emails to send to unsuspecting recipients who've never seen WTC 7.  Great tool to spread info around the net.  Old high school teachers, journalists, etc have gotten this from me.  thought you'd like to have access to it.
Just copy and paste. 
This graphic from  Peace.

Generic Letter to Congressman/Woman or Senator

Note: This was sent in by Dr. Jay:

My Lovely Family of Truthbearers and fellow Info-Warriors,

Here for YOUR convenience is a letter that I am sending to ALL the Congress Critters and Senate Toads in Colorado. I will then start sending them to every other one in all the other states. We must all unite and do the same. Please!!!

Use this letter to send if you agree with it. If you choose to, add to it or change it to your comfort. Regardless, send it, mail it, fax it, and call it in to your critters/toads right now! This is still The Way to try to stop ALL THE INSANITY and the potential of more war in Iran or Syria.


9/11 Misdirection

This is kind of interesting, might get through to some people:

Pat Robertson Predicts 'Mass Killing'

I heard about this yesterday and was surprised it wasn't posted here when I signed on today. I guess its easy to predict these things if you have the inside track. This will teach the voting public to vote out the Republicans thereby opening the door for terrorism. I guess we need really need Bush, who also claims to talk to God, to protect us from those pesky terrorists.

In Annual Predictions, Pat Robertson Says God Told Him About Terrorist Attack on U.S. in 2007

In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would result in "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

David Lynch Website Gallery Focuses on 9/11 Truth Art

Auteur film director David Lynch has recently gone public with 9/11 questions on Danish TV, showing clips from Loose Change and purpoting that there are "many questions and no answers."

He has also designated part of his website as the 'Interesting Questions' art gallery, giving users a space to reflect on 9/11 and submit works of art that range in style and depth.

It is an interesting and worthwhile contribution to the 9/11 Truth movement-- as the tableau of thoughts, questions, examinations and calls for action, impeachment, a new investigation, justice grows, it is meaningful to have venues for artistic expression and individual reactions to the events that affective the lives of nearly everyone around the world.

Two Suggestions

This was sent in to our Comments section, thought I'd post them here for everyone to see:

1. We should as a group figure out how to nominate David Ray Griffiin for the Nobel Peace prize. We should then do it. Instructions for this are posted at:

It looks to me as though we'll need a senator or congressperson to endorse the submission, along with documentary support for Ray Grifffin's qualifications.

Presumably we might also consider nominating Steven Jones.

What better way to force people to notice these people's work? The press would have to start dealing with it. It would take considerable courage on the part of the Nobel Committee. But they have a history of courage in the face of official and even U.S. opposition.

2.  The other idea is for sattelite thermal studies of buildings after demolition using thermite/thermate. I have seen such photos of the WTC site, post 9-11 demolition. Hot spots are very clearly evident. Are there hot spots showing after every similar demolition? Presumably, yes.

The video clip of the MI5 whistle-blower, David Shaylor, shows the hot spots after 9-11 from sattelite photos:

To do it right, one would also show sattelite photos of byuildings that have burned down. I would be willing to bet good money that you will not get hot spots evident on sattelite thermal imaging after normal burnings.  But, just to keep the evidence tidy, we need to show it all.

Where would David Shaylor have gotten those sattelite images? From Google Earth? If so, then anyone with Google Earth could do a study of the matter.

Lack of Media Coverage on 911 Questions

This was sent in to our Comments section, thought I'd post it here for everyone to see.  The Huffington Post can be found here if you'd like to send your own comments in. 

For quite some time now, about every week or so, I send Huffpo an Anonymous News Tip - there is a green box part way down the right hand side of their home page - one of three.

I was annoyed by their Fearless campaign, so send them an Anonymous News Tip.  The last one was headed "911 Questions".  The post said. "Nothing from Huffpo on this yet?  Fearless?  Really?"

Can I suggest that you encourage others to send similar Anonymous News Tips to any media organisation, but particularly Huffpo.  It enrages me that they stand on Fearless Reporting, yet they do NOTHING to address the issues, clearly out of craven fear.

Funny G.W. Bush Bloopers

Here is a 12 minute blooper video of GWB that could be distributed to people that can't be bothered to watch a "conspiracy" video, but would watch a video of Bush making a fool of himself.  Various Truth related sites are listed in the credits at the end of the video.  Check it out:

Caller to Alex Jones issues a Calls to Action on January 1

Lucas, from Texas, calls in to the Alex Jones radio show on November 26 asking concerned Americans to watch for his statement at on January 1.

Download the 1MB audio file here:

(Hopefully he'll get his statement past the mods Cool)

Songs of Freedom

Here is a link to some online music: 

911 Sound Bytes

An interview of Ken Jenkins that was conducted by host Bill Meyer and aired on KMED AM regarding the film: 911 The Myth and The Reality in Medford, Oregon.

I Need To Know What Sibel Edmonds Knows (And So Do You):

Here are some 911 related tunes on MySpace that people have sent in, check them out:

Political Action Group: Support Our March For Truth

 I have had many interesting responses to our Denver to DC walk for truth. Many, have given their opinions of why it will not work but few have listed alternatives for what sort of action would be effective. Biblically, what we are doing is symbolic. I am selling my business, been kicked out of school, and preparing to endure months of hardship with my family in order to demonstrate that this nation is in danger. Yet many of you have been correct. Without a unified effort our walk will be futile.

To those who desire to be critical without their own plan of action I would encourage you to get out in your own communities and be active. Call your Representatives; keep this issue in the face of the congress. We need political action now. A large sector of the American populace understands that there is merit in our cause. Yet, they need leaders to put that information into legitimate action. We need to assault the propaganda wall in every city and state. We need voices out on the street corner. We need men and women not only to run for congress, but to continue to work with the Senators and Representatives.

Activists Challenge NSA Surveillance

Nov 18, 4:20 AM EST

Activists to Question NSA Surveillance

Associated Press Writer

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Thirteen anti-war activists cited in July for protesting outside the National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade plan to use their trial to question the agency's monitoring of nonviolent groups.

The activists are charged with entering a military installation for illegal purposes, which carries a maximum six-month sentence and a $5,000 fine.

Six were arraigned Friday at U.S. District Court in Baltimore. The other seven were granted waivers that excuse them from appearing in court until their trial, which is scheduled for Feb. 9, said Max Obuszewski, one of the activists who was arraigned.

"We're going to try to turn this into a political trial," Obuszewski said.

Internal NSA e-mails posted on the Internet in January revealed the agency used local law enforcement to monitor a previous protest by the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, to which Obuszewski belongs. The e-mails appeared to show that the protesters were closely watched as they assembled in Baltimore and traveled to the agency's headquarters for a previous protest in 2004.