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Canadian Truth Tour 2008: August 29th - September 15th: Vancouver to Ottawa

Truth Tour 2008

By: Drew Noftle

Vancouver BC – What started out as a simple petition, has turned into a lot more. The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society is proud to announce the launch of the 2008 Truth Tour, set for August 29th – September 15th, 2008.

On August 29th, a busload of hard working and dedicated Vancouver 9/11 Truth activists will begin their trip across the country to meet up with their counterparts in Eastern Canada, and join them in Montreal for the March on Ottawa that will be commencing Sept 7th. During their 8 day trip across the country, they will be stopping in various cities along the way to give away free DVD’s, educate people about the flaws of the 9/11 Commission Report, continue to collect signatures and show the country that 9/11 Truth will not quit – not until this war is over, and not until Canadian troops are back home.

Stockwell Day lost Petition for a Canadian Investigation into 9/11

Vancouver BC - The Dishonourable Stockwell Day has let Canadians down again. On June 10th, 2008, the Honourable Libby Davies read a petition into Parliament that suggests that the 9/11 Commission report does not stand up to the facts, and that we need a Canadian investigation to justify our war efforts.

Canada allows a Minister up to 45 days to respond to any given petition. June 11th plus 45 days equals July 25th. Mr. Day is already 9 days late.

Below is my latest letter to Mr. Day re: the 9/11 petition. As of right now, it is the 5th letter I have sent to him, and the 5th letter that has been unanswered. I have always felt lucky to be Canadian since every time I email one of my MP’s, I always have received a reply. Always – except from Mr. Day. Below my letter to Mr. Day, is my letter to all active members of the Canadian 9/11 Truth Movement.

Drew Noftle

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Letter to MP Stockwell Day:

Dear Mr. Day,

Wanted: 9/11 Truth activists in Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Sault Ste Marie!

The Vancouver 9/11 truth Society’s ‘Truth Bus’ will be stopping in various cities along its way to Montreal to drop off activists for the March on Ottawa commencing Sept 7th, 2001.

In each stop along the way, we are planning to have a mini press conference, set up a booth, sell t-shirts, give away free DVD’s and magazines, and spend an afternoon or evening spreading insight on 9/11.

So far, we have made contact with, and have began to organize events in Vancouver BC, Kelowna BC, Nelson BC, Calgary AB, and Edmonton AB.

But for our second leg of the trip – Regina SK, Winnipeg MB, Thunder Bay ON, and Sault Ste Marie ON – we have yet to make contact with people willing to organize an event for the time of our arrival.

Our schedule can be found here:


So this is our call out. Regina! Winnipeg! Thunder Bay! Sault Ste Marie! Where are you!??!

Calling all Artists - 9/11 Truth Bus Design Contest

The Vancouver 911 Truth Society has recently purchased a bus and we want you to help us design it. Our bus will be travelling across Canada - from Vancouver to Montreal - for the March on Ottawa and stopping in several cities all along the way for 911 Truth rallies. We are open to all styles of art, and the concept should focus on 911 Truth in general. (we don't want it to be March on Ottawa specific because we will keep using the bus long after the March is over.)

Whats in it for us...

An eyecatching design, that will get people's attention, and intrigue them to come learn what we are all about.

Whats in it for you....

Nationwide publicity for your artwork, credits and website on the side of the bus, and opportunity for your artwork to appear in the documentary we will be filming of the March on Ottawa.

To submit a draft simply download line drawings of the bus here..


Thoughts on a Post 9/11 Truth World

By Drew Noftle

Vancouver BC - Today various members of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society got together at Queen Elizabeth Park to brainstorm various ideas about how we (Canadians) should rebuild our economic and political structures for the coming Post 9/11 Truth World. 9/11 may have thus far changed Canada – and America for that matter – for the worse, but it has also helped millions of us open our minds to the truth behind government secrecy and corruption like never before. 9/11 Truth will open many doors to the possibilities of a restructured government that have not been opened since the founding of our nation. This, combined with modern communication capabilities, can give us an opportunity like none other in the history of modern civilization. Now is not too early to think about which doors we would like to venture through, and which ones are better left to be left behind.

Stockwell Day to look into Canadian 9/11 Truth Petition

Drew Noftle - v911truth.org

Vancouver BC - Rob Duffy, Assistant to Canadian MP Libby Davies, has informed the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society that the petition read in Canadian Parliament last Tuesday regarding the demand for a Canadian Investigation into 9/11 will be handled by none other than Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day.

Although such a document should likely be placed on the desk of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, perhaps some insight was used when the decision was made to forward this homework assignment to Mr. Day instead.

When we look at the credentials of Mr. Day we can see why this decision was made. Indeed, we see that no other Minister should have such a grand understanding of 9/11 than him. Mr. Day understands intelligence. He is a former CSIS agent himself. CSIS showed Canada it’s impressive counter terrorist abilities by uncovering the Air India Bombing plot in 1985 well before it happened. Unfortunately, they failed to pass this information on to the RCMP (he has worked there too) before it was too late. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2007/05/17/airindia-csis.htm




Vancouver BC,
Drew Noftle

A few months ago various 9/11 Truth activists across Canada got together to compose a Parliamentary Petition demanding an investigation into 9/11. The first 500 signatures were submitted last week, verified, and accepted. This petition will be read into Parliament on Tuesday June the 10th, at approx 10 am EST, by East Vancouver member of Parliament Libby Davies.

Our Petition can be found here:

The 9/11 attacks not only killed 24 Canadians, but it is also our sole reason for participating in – and now enduring – the War on Terror. Upon the outset of the War in Afghanistan, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell (who will be in Vancouver June 12th) promised Canada a whitepaper linking the September 11th attacks with Osama bin Laden in exchange for our premature participation in the conflict in Afghanistan. This whitepaper never came, yet our troops are still fighting abroad.

Canada will March on Ottawa – 9/11/8

Canada’s 9/11 Truth Movement is peaceful, united, and committed to getting a Canadian independent investigation into 9/11. From coast to coast, 9/11 Truth Groups from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia have realized that their strengths lie in their numbers of a united front, and united they will be on September 11th, 2008.

Over the last couple months, the Canadians have been busy. First, the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society took the initiative to mail a copy of Yukihisa Fujita’s Parliamentary Presentation to all 308 Members of the Canadian Parliament. Since then, 9/11 Truth activists across the country have been pressing their MP’s by asking if they have received the video, taken the time to watch it, and ask them their stance on 9/11. Shortly after, East Vancouver MP Libby Davies has since agreed to take a petition to the Canadian Parliament requesting a Canadian Investigation into 9/11 – and this is just the beginning. Currently, 10 cities in Canada have joined forces and are creating their first ever (and if successful, the last) national campaign for 9/11 Truth...

As signatures are being collected from Canadians across the country, the authors of the petition are working with MP Davies in getting the timing right for introducing it into Parliament. The plan is to introduce the petition around August 1st, 2008, as Canada officially allows up to 45 days for answering any petition. An August 1st submission will allow an answer forthcoming by September 11th, 2008.

A Lesson for 9/11 Truth Activists from Gandhi's Assassin

I was at home in Abbotsford to see my family this past this past weekend...