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Seven Years On

Here it is the seventh anniversary and I find myself weeping whilst I watch some of the programming--and with my tears there is anger. Anger that the truth of that awful day has yet to come to light. Anger that all those people had to die. Anger that we don't know when someone in the government will decide that "Hey, it's time for ANOTHER 9/11. Gotta get people fired up again." Angry that religion is being used to visit death and destruction on innocents who had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

What Is So Bloody Wrong?!

I found this at the board on which I post:

"I repeat TTF's line. Chill out, Lights! Those Gitmo Islamic Al Qaida terrorist prisoners aren't worth getting all hot under the collar about. Our American POWS aren't getting treated half as good as they are over there in the Middle East...but yet, I don't see you showing anykind of concern about them. Why is that?

You're starting to sound just as evil as the damn ACLU (Anti-Christian Litigation Union). They are trying their darndest to totally destroy our Christian Heritage, by inserting their ignorant Communist views on us Christian Americans. They stand for everything we don't. Which is why I question your patriotism. You sound like you want our country to be turned into a totalitarian Islamic state...and that scares and worries me!

Jesus is referring to his people, the Jews/Isralis, when he said, 'Inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.' Jesus, Himself, was born to Mary, a Jewish maiden, and Joseph, his earthly step-father. That's also why we should heap our blessings on Israel...then we too will be blessed. Israel is the apple of God's eye.

Duh! I don't get the Hallmark Channel, so therefore--I don't/or can't watch it.

Now I'm An Al-Quaeda Sympathiser!!!

In addition to 9/11 I am also interested in TITANIC (the ship, not the moive) and I have been posting about
atrocities in Iraq and 9/11 on an off-topic thread. Finally, some hare-brained Fundie who thinks the sun rises
and sets on Dubya decided that I am a a sympathiser with Al Quaeda and other assorted terrorists!
That HAD to be the living end so far as I am concerned! How questioning 9/11 and atrocities committed in
the name of Americans (of whom I am one) makes me a terrorist sympathiser is beyond my ability to figure

The REAL terrorist here is George W. Bush!! He has systematically worked at whittling away our God-given
rights as Americam citizens! He has instituted the quasi-Gestapo Homeland Security and turned it loose on
anyone who doesn't want to buy the badly-concocted story of what happened on 9/11!

I want to know what REALLY happened and I feel I have a pretty good idea after checking out the 9/11 Truth
movement. I want to know because THOUSANDS of people, both Americans and non-Americans were MURDERED on the planes, in the Towers, in the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania. Do I sound Pissed? YOU BET I AM!

As for the war in Iraq--thousands of our young people have been slaughtered and torture carried out in the name

I'm Fairly New At This, But the Whole 9/11 Thing Sounds Fishy To Me

I am fairly new at this, but the whole "official" story sounds fishy to me and the more I read and listen, the mor fishy it

To this day, I don't know exactly why, but the moment I saw the second plane strike the South Tower, I asked myself,"
Where is Bush in all of this".About three years on I start reading extensivley and my "fishy smell" alarm starts to go
into overdrive. First I find out that several of the alleged suicide pilots flucnked flight training. Then, allegedly six or seven
of the hijackers show up ALIVE. Then there's the problem of the 9/11 cellphone calls: it would seem that, at the time of
9/11, cellphone calls could not be made above about 8,000 feet. So, did the callers somehow miraculously override the
laws of physics?

Later, videos of Bin Laden are broadcast and the Bin Laden shown is different each time!

This thing has holes I could drive a 767 though!