Civil War Memorabilia Gaining Popularity in Iraq

La Lune de la presse internationale


Civil War Memorabia enthusiasts rejoiced Tuesday when it was announced that the popularity of the coveted objects had reached record levels in Iraq. Weapons such as rocket propelled grenades, handguns, explosives and depleted uranium had become increasingly valuable in recent weeks, a La Rochelle Times study showed.

If current memorabilia popularity remains at such high levels, it could have a profound effect on the development of Iraqi society and culture, as well as an influence on international oil prices. The Iraqi Dinar, once unpopular with foreign currency holders, could gain ground against other currencies if Iraq is flooded with even more potential Civil War memorabilia.

"In a few years, who knows what some of those depleted uranium rounds will be worth on the memorabilia market," said General Ann R. Key, currently overseeing the Fubar Province in central Iraq.

The La Rochelle Times has learned of an extensive black market for cherished Civil War souvenirs, ranging from simple bullets to eager buyers of under-the-table plutonium. Investors and stockholders are thrilled with the market's direction.

"We can expect to see increasing investments in this type of memorabilia," explained Grynan Barrett, a leading Civil War Memorabilia market analyst. "These improving market conditions, along with the unrivaled popularity of the Iraq state quarter, are tell-tale signs of a robust economy in Iraq."