Congressman Ron Paul warns of a new "Gulf of Tonkin"

On Thursday, January 11, 2007, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (R) (but he's really a Libertarian) hit the house floor and put on the record what many Americans fear might be coming down the pipe; a new Gulf of Tonkin incident to initiate a shooting war with Iran.

"The truth is that Iran, like Iraq, is a third-world nation without a significant military. Nothing in history hints that she is likely to invade a neighboring country, let alone America or Israel. I am concerned, however, that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin- type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran."

The quote above is from the modified version of Paul's speech, in his newsletter, linked here.

Thanks, Joe, Silent Patriot, and altruist.

You don't say.

Agree 100%. Watching Dick Cheney here on fox news Sunday and he's basically laying down the law. He said even if congress was to pass a bill against sending more troops the president has the authority to do it anyway (is that a dictatorship?). He also said America has to do the right thing and stay in Iraq and cannot give up and go home because that is the strategy of Bin-Laden (who is dead). But he talked about how this needed to be the type of strategy followed for the next 30 to 40 years!!! Oh yes here we come Iran I thought when he said that. This truth is dangerous to it, so is the activism against the war. I think the public grows more fed up with it each day to the point where not long from now if things don't change there may be some serious civil unrest in America's streets. But this is scary stuff the way it's used. It only makes me more sure 9/11 was an inside job watching this. The way that all contradictions are ignored. This is absurd. But seriously we need to be in this for the long haul.

Standing on his constitutional rights

"Watching Dick Cheney here on fox news Sunday and he's basically laying down the law. He said even if congress was to pass a bill against sending more troops the president has the authority to do it anyway (is that a dictatorship?)"

Actually, Cheney said that the president was going to stand on his constitutional right as Commander in Chief to order up more troops. That made me chuckle since the whole of the gov't is working so hard to trash the Constitution. Just one more instance of the elite doing what they like.

Commander in Belief!

If war had ever been declared... then he would be commander in his dreams. But War has never been. George asked for authority to discipline his pet Dog Sadaam. And now the entire world knows the answer to the Neocon's Question.. "No the World is not a Safer Place with Sadaam Gone".. the Danger doesn't come from him.

He's preparing run for President. Yes!

This is our candidate- Ron Paul For President!

But don't expect the MSM to welcome him with open arms.

Ron Paul 2008


Make that two politions i like.Cynthia Mckinney is the other.


Great speech, truth seems to be vanishing even though thousands of people are being killed for nothing less then money.
If congress does'nt wake up they will later be betrayed by those they are being talked into protecting.

When 9/11 blows wide open they will be astonished they believed a story that is'nt possible, which is the main excuse
for thousands of innocent people being killed abroad.

this guy could talk about

this guy could talk about the 911inside job at the texas congress...

as a matter of fact --he could filibuster for 72 hours straight and we could all march on the texas capital and get the whole world media there

having a texas state congressman on our side can be a powerful weapon----

how come he's not enacting 911truth legislation?----is he a 911truth shill candidate>?

how come he aint saying 911was an inside job at every one of his freaking candidate functions?

The Biggest Cover Up of

The Biggest Cover Up of 9/11 Revealed

The biggest cover-up of 9/11 crimes has been revealed.

The biggest cover-up has NOT been the destruction of 99.7% of the steel of from the World Trade Center buildings.

The biggest cover-up has NOT been the failure of the US gov’t to release a clear video of the Pentagon strike of 9/11 from one of its dozens of Pentagon surveillance cameras.
The biggest cover-up has NOT been the 9/11 Commission, which admits that it did not pursue the truth when it knew it had received perjured and contradicting testimony from government agencies.

The biggest cover-up has NOT been from the mainstream media, which has failed to pursue and follow-up on hundreds or thousands of leads and stories which dispute the official story of 9/11.

No, the BIGGEST coverup of 9-11 crimes has been the American people who refuse to look at the mountains of evidence that are readily available to them that contradict the official story of 9/11.

These Americans cover up their eyes and refuse to look at the evidence.

These Americans cover up their ears and refuse to listen to the evidence.

These Americans cover up their mouths and refuse to demand answers to the unanswered questions of 9/11.

These Americans are covering up their senses, and are closing their minds.

They are in what is called a psychological state of denial.

Link Here

What they are in denial about:
Link Here

I showed my dad the '9/11

I showed my dad the '9/11 misdirection' movie yesterday, because of the cool lesson in how we filter out information. I wasn't going to show him anything concerning 9/11 because I know it is far outside his reality. On the spur of the moment, I decided to show him the collapse of WTC7 anyway, and asked him what he saw.
'What do you mean?' he asked.
'Just describe what you see,' I said.
'Oh, it's that Philips building on so-and-so street, that was demolished recently' he said.

Poor dad, when I said it happened on 9/11 and talked about how this had been covered up by the media, you could almost see smoke coming out of his ears. He looked like a big question mark as he tried to grasp the implications of this. We talked some more about it and I was going to show him pictures of the Pentagon. But then he shut down, and decided pictures on the internet aren't trustworthy. I can't blame him though, the first exposure to such information can be shocking. At least he recognized WTC7 as a controlled demolition.

I can relate

Try 911 Mysteries or a DRG talk. They provide the right tone for the older generation.


Bravo fhb.
Never underestimate the power of denial. It was the same with Hitler before and in the early years of WW2 for a lot of Europeans. Unfortunately the propaganda apparatus has evolved a great deal since then. Despite all that the truth movement continues to grow.
Peace, Phaedrus

Get a copy of the dvd 9/11: The Myth and the Reality

an excellent lecture by David Ray Griffin, that ought to help your dad get to the light side of 9/11 Truth.

Keep up the good work.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.


for the advice everyone. I have a feeling he doesn't want it to be brought up again.. maybe he'll open up when there is more 'official' media coverage of these things. His English skills aren't that strong either (I'm in Norway).

What I've kept thinking about, is that it doesn't seem to matter where you are in this on this planet, people have to go through the same paradigm shift regarding 9/11.. that's how uniformly the events have been presented to us.

(The rest of my family haven't had any problems with seeing that 9/11 was an inside job, when I showed them the evidence)

Keving Barrett

I have been hoping Barett help could help get the scholars on both sides to pull their out of you know where settle things and get back on track. That aint gonna happen unless we lean on them, so let's do it. The scholars provided the leverage to get this thing going in the first place in my opinion. Ron Paul is gonna need some help and I'm behind him %100, I'll even send him money. Do you think he will address 911, I doubt it. What do you guys think?
Let's see if this post is "allowed"

Thank you Rep. Ron Paul

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

I've been posting 9/11 truth

I've been posting 9/11 truth on MySpace. If anybody wants to join me, I think there is room for spreading the word there in cyberspace.

Join New MySpace Group for 911 Truth Internet Activists

Link Here

A new group for 9/11 Truth activists interested in sharing ideas for using Internet message boards like MySpace to spread 9/11 Truth.

You are invited to join.

I don't pray as much as I should.

I but I pray that this man wins the presidency. A good leader, a good man is what is needed to see everyone through this horrible period in time.

Oops, that was me.

I got all excited and forgot to sign in. But seriously, how many jaws must have hit the floor in Congress! I can't wait to hear what some of the replies will be, definitely a litnus test of the new congress' integrity.

When do we get to see a brave congressman speak like that about a new 9/11 investigation?

Ron Paul Comment Too Truthful for Buzzflash

This "Ron Paul-Gulf of Tonkin" story is too truthful for Buzzflash. It has been deleted after I posted it a few hours ago. The story was not "rejected" but deleted. It does NOT exist.

Here is a list of other stories I submitted to and the response from others.

No story I have posted in the past month exist...all removed.
Maybe someone else can post it.

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We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

That's disgusting

Phony-ass bullshit fake progressive sites make me sick.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Hear hear.

It's all about viewership for them. I bet most of them know, it's not like editors live in a bubble. They need to know that they won't drive away their audience.

"Buh-buh but that violates the principles of true journalism!" Well yes. But it's very hard to teach someone something that his salary depends on not knowing.

Off Topic -

Can someone tell me how to post an event? I can't find the place to click on...


Go to Log in area, log in, look at menu under your name,
find "event", click, fill out form, submit.

That should work

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Thanks so much,

and stay tuned for a film showing of America: Freedom to Fascism in Santa Cruz, CA.

Great news!

Thank you Ron Paul; one of the few politicians to speak the truth and thanks for the great job, 911Blogger!!

Keep up the great work!



I wasnt expecting that. Someone on the house floor, live on CSPAN, saying not just that the US is planning to strike Israel(or Iran), but that it could involve a Gulf of Tonkin(ie: false flag) type of event.

I think if he had hinted at 9/11 truth in there I would have fainted.

"saying not just that the US

"saying not just that the US is planning to strike Israel(or Iran)"

Are you confused as to which country the US is planning to attack?

Okay, I'm impressed. Now

Okay, I'm impressed.

Now it's out there, no reason the Dems(among other people) shouldn't run with it.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

OT: New vid for What Would You Do?

Show "Well i hate to bust your bubble" by Jay (not verified)


Paul hasn't said if he believes the official story or not.

He's good friends with Alex Jones and Aaron Russo so it is likely that he does not subscribe to the official theory.

Show "911truth controlled" by RANDKILLER2007 (not verified)

Condi was heckeled on c span.....

Somebody got up and started calling her a lier! Which of course she is. Love it.


was the senator on Freedom to Fascism? Yes i like him,however those who control our puppet goverment won't allow this to happen,and if by some remote chance he wins....Look what happened to JFK
I hated like hell to say that but it;s true

I Agree

If he runs he had better hire an army to defend him. He would be a dead man walking. He is the Globalist's worst nightmare.


Paul has little chance of winning, but he is the ONLY congressman who has consistently stood for freedom and against the NWO establishment.

And yes, it is unlikely that even if he wins, the CFR won't totally control him. So what are your options? Vote for the establishment (Hillary, McCain)? Vote 3rd party?

Elections don't mean much but this is one time where we have to do everything we can to help a candidate, even if it just means bringing these issues to the forefront, and not actually winning a primary.

Playing Politics

Sometimes when attempting to get where you need to go in the political world you have to make concessions..... one of the concessions is that he has not spoken out about 9/11 in direct terms..... reason being is that he would never be in a position to do anything about it...... this government is either controlled or oblivious with the first outnumbering the second.... Speaking out against 9/11 would only lead to a fate similar to Cynthia McKinney.

So he buys time.... hoping that the American people step up to the plate and do their part..... wait for the support to mount..... then hopefully ride that wave into the White House where he can do something about it..... unfortunately this system of control runs very deep and in order for us to rise above it we must all act..... In order to get Ron Paul elected we are all going to have to do our part...... to hit the streets and spread the word.... let people know that there is a choice and we can overcome.... inform people that they do have a responsibility.

Will Ron Paul come out about 9/11 prior to the election?..... that entirely depends upon us..... what we do to spread the word..... what we do to build the awareness....

If it is clear that he is not going to win the nomination..... you can bet your life that he will be speaking out

If he wins in 2008...... you are going to see something that we have all been hoping and praying for..... release of all evidence for public scrutiny and the beginnings of a new investigation.

Ron Paul knows this issue.... Ron Paul knows there are serious questions and discrepancies..... Ron Paul does not have all the answers.

Ron Paul is our hope but he needs all our help.

Think about forming groups willing to run exit polls at every major polling place across the US..... we need to eliminate their #1 tool.... the electronic voting machines

If they know we are watching these machines with a microscope..... they will not be able to even think about manipulating the results

I don't see why Paul would

I don't see why Paul would have little chance of winning. The sheep seem to be getting tired of their current shepherds. There's a chance they'll turn off their tv's and think for themselves come election time. Give the man good praise and talk about him to people. People will vote for integrity if they are convinced it exists. And as for the globalists, when are we going to finally hold them accountable for all their crimes over the years? It IS possible if people start voting for integrity instead of sound bytes.

Presidential Candidate Fears

Presidential Candidate Fears "Gulf Of Tonkin" To Provoke Iran War
Developments converge to signify inevitable conflict despite ongoing chaos in Iraq
Republican Congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul fears a staged Gulf of Tonkin style incident may be used to provoke air strikes on Iran as numerous factors collide to heighten expectations that America may soon be embroiled in its third war in six years.

Writing in his syndicated weekly column, the representative of Texas' 14th district warns of "a contrived Gulf of Tonkin-type incident (that) may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran."

Watch this Video!!!

Watch Video labeled Cheney / Bush caught STEALING $4.5 TRILLION.....

Is this true?

What is it good for?


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

It wouldn't be just to gain popular support...

A NC congressman, named Jones, proposed a resolution to seemingly restrain the Bush Admin. from launching an unprovoked attack on Iran, while at the same time laying out the conditions that would allow them to do just that. A response that I wrote on a thread on Raw Story is below, but it is interesting to note that the whole thread was pulled, because of the false flag discussion and implications re 911.


"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin


The whole Jones resolution thing is bullshit, and it is just a way for the GOP to manipulate public perception of Bush's prospective response to a false flag event, and the imminent nuclear attack on Iran.

Read below, and you can see that, as noted above, the loophole is set..."absent a national emergency created by an attack, or a demonstrably imminent attack, by Iran upon the United States or its armed forces".

Also note that the media vehicle, McClatchy Newspapers, is a well-known Neocon media mouthpiece (need support on this point, but if memory serves...).

And how about the delineation of the applicable Constitutional requirements, which they plan to "heed", only by creating the "national emergency" which would allow Bush to forego consultation with Congress?!?!

These thugs should hang in the public square!!


Rep. Walter Jones (NC) introduced a resolution requiring the President "to receive congressional authorization to use military force against Iran," reports McClatchy Newspapers.

"The resolution requires that – absent a national emergency created by an attack, or a demonstrably imminent attack, by Iran upon the United States or its armed forces – the President must consult with Congress and receive specific authorization prior to initiating any use of military force against Iran," Rep. Jones said in a press release.

"Today, there is a growing concern – justified or not – that some U.S. officials are contemplating military action against Iran," Jones continues. "This resolution makes it crystal clear that no previous resolution passed by Congress authorizes such use of force. The Constitution of the United States declares that, while the Commander in Chief has the power to conduct wars, only Congress has the power to authorize them."
Styve | Email | Homepage | 01.13.07 - 7:13 pm

Ron Paul was asked about the

Ron Paul was asked about the 9/11 cover-up on Alex Jones and he basically skirted the issue. dissapointing. still a good guy, but he didnt even wanna go there.

9/11 Truth will only safely be acknowledged by politicians....

....when grassroots knowledge of it is so pervasive that the pols can't avoid it....that they feel safe in pursuing it...getting the numbers up is our job...everyday that passes helps the criminal perpetrators to avoid prosecution...

We have to redouble our efforts while the effects of 9/11 are still being felt...while the murders of that day are still fresh in our minds...while the casualties of the invasions justified by the lie of that day are stiill happening...while each First Responder with fatally damaged lungs is still alive....

I wonder what Ron Paul has heard.

Certainly something is going around that would prompt him to warn of a new false flag attack in public. Chilling.........