David Cameron answers second question on 911: Press for Truth

Says he hasn’t watched the whole thing, but is aware of the concern about 9/11, thinks "911: Press for Truth" while not mentioning "conspiracy" contains "one sided arguments" and it is his "strong belief" that a real investigation isn’t needed.

If anyone wants to keep the pressure on here's another blog that needs voting up;

MI5/6 funding terrorism?

one sided arguments? how the

one sided arguments? how the hell does he figure? this guy is a joke.

Yea he states it's full of

Yea he states it's full of "one sided arguments" yet admits he hasn’t even watched the whole thing?! Coward.

In fact we should try and get Kyle Hence or Paul Thompson to write a rebuttal to him.

Show "Who is David Cameron?" by Amanda Reconwith

One sided arguments...

In any of the 1000's of hit pieces written against us, have you ever heard "our side" of the story?


In movies like United 93, World Trade Center, and Path to 9/11 have you ever heard "our side" of the story?


In the 9/11 Commission's report, and the Joint Congressional Inquiry, have you ever heard "our side" of the story?


Instead, we hear a MULTITUDE of "one sided arguments" that DO NOT tell the WHOLE story.

9/11: Press For Truth FINALLY gives us another "side" to the story. The one "side" the previously mentioned sources have refused to tell.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

So he "strongly" believes

So he "strongly" believes that an independent investigation isn't needed? He didn't even finish Press for Truth which concerned the most emotional footage of the 9/11 victim's family members? I think it's pretty clear that we are on our own and we need to take things to a higher notch. When are we going to REALLY organize some effective strategies for our movement? We can't wait for the "next conference". It's time to take it into the streets with non-violent forms of direct action. But whenever someone suggests it, nobody else ever seems interested. Until then, let's just suck it up and listen to these pathetic LOSERS like David Cameron spit on the memories of the fallen victims by saying the most outlandish thing someone can say, which is that a new, independent investigation "isn't needed". Is this guy part of THE ENEMY, or what?


Does that mean I can't bring my pitchfork?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

At least the tar and feather

At least the tar and feather industries would do well...

The politicians currently in power aren't going to help us, except in the case of them doing it by accident. We didn't put them in power so they don't owe allegiance to us. Its not until we put our own representatives in power and show that we can remove people from power that we are going to see any movement. This is why its so critical to get accountable and honest elections before we can get anything close to real movement in government. There is movement on the election front, with the indictments in Ohio, but we need far far more.

No amount of small peaceful protests are going to move politicians because right now, we can't really touch them. They don't care that people are protesting unless it drastically effects the functioning of society.

You want to see the politicians change their position and stop covering up? Run for local office; build local organizations to promote local and regional candidates; volunteer for local elections; become the local county elections commissioner (or at least put major pressure on them). Go local, you can create change there and then move up in the system. Small protests on street corners can help draw locals to the cause but it won't move politicians, too much force is coming down from above. Start by burning a few DVDs for you neighboors.

I wish

There was a way to fit both sides of the story into 90 minutes.... I'm not scared to show them side by side

Not at all....

They act like we are trying to skew the argument..... yes sir... we are talking just to be talking... making movies just to make money off of calling our government murderers. Of and wait.... over half of Americans are stareting to wonder as well.

Could we do five+ 1 hour comparison movies?

then we could show them all over the country on public access

Paul Thompson are you out there?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

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A real investigation isn't needed?

A real investigation was never done, it was all one sided. The governments side. Of course He didn't watch the whole thing, He knows the truth. He knows that speaking out will damage his career and so will not take the risk. I will keep voting on these issues as long as they remain sent to Him.

I love this argument!

How can anyone dismiss "another" investigation when the first one was far from real?

Anytime anyone argues that it is a waste of taxpayer money, counter with, "Is it worth spending tax-payer dollars to seek out those responsible for 9/11 who may still be at large? What about holding those who were at least guilty of incompetence or criminal negligence?"

The tipping point is upon us.

9/11 Dogs

CNN's news guru Bark Spitzer reported on the rescue dogs that "may" be getting sick from contaminants at the clean-up site. No proof mind you and never mind the humans. Maybe the CNN news department hasn't been wired for internet yet and they couldn't type "toxic dust" into google.

i'm guessing this guy must

i'm guessing this guy must be famous in england or something??

he is obviously an idiot or shill if he's trying to say that they dont need an investigation

after knowing about the wtc7 smoking gun
oh well...onward on the journey

I'm afraid you are barking

I'm afraid you are barking up the wrong tree if you are expecting Cameron to speak out. Though people seem to be getting the message through to some of the middle-englanders on his website - the backbone of his (and the tory party) support, and the UK media keeps a keen eye on his website.