Blogs that need voting up!

David Cameron is set to answer a question on MI5/6 funding terrorism;

Great job everyone who voted! Here’s some new blogs to vote up;

Why do you consider the 911 report accurate??

RFID and Biometrics in Passports

nice 1..

cheers brucey boy for putting that up. :-)

Can't believe mine was votted top last week, looking forward to hear what he got to say.

I have asked him this week regarding Daniel Obachike, one of the victims of the 77 bombings... whether he will meet with him or not.

I feel it is quite an imoprtant and useful question: If he has to answer this one, it will really show him up - as he has already stated that he is keen for a independent investigation, and so why would he not want to meet with a victim: maybe because, Daniel has some things to say that don't quite fit in with the official story!!!

Speaking of biometrics.

Speaking of biometrics.


Four cartridges spent... One in reserve :)

Best Wishes

David Cameron's Blog.

Yep Bruce. Appreciate the update and links. I voted for these and enjoyed the opportunity. Thanks. Looks like we are having an effect on this outreach program!!!

yep... the debate is raging


the debate is raging over there :-)

There's one guy Kozmicstu, that is hell bent on trolling everything raised - it's quite amusing to see his non-logic in action. I'm sure his intentions are pure though ;-)