Mid Week Open Thread

It has been really busy the last week or so, with a lot of good stuff flying off the front pages quicker than perhaps they should. Hopefully everyone is staying on top of the news as it is posted, and here is a chance to bring up anything that might have been glossed over.

Likewise, there have been a couple of new movies released on the web and on DVD recently which may have been glossed over as well, so here is a list of recent releases you might have missed:

If there are other new films we've missed which are worth checking out be sure to mention them in the comments. Also, for anyone who missed the news a month or so back, both 9/11: Press for Truth and Terrorstorm are on Netflix, so encourage people you know to check these out and help boost their circulation. Also, I got one of the first copies of Dr. Griffin's speech in NYC from Oct. 2005 entirely focused on the demolition of the twin towers and on the oral histories released by the NYTimes. This DVD should be out soon as well, and we will be sure to give a heads up once it is. Finally, thanks to DBLS we now have both MP4 and WMV versions of the recent BBC hit-peice available here.

Also, I have noticed that a bunch of emails which have been sent in via the website have not actually reached us. So, if you have tried to email myself or any of our team members, submit news, etc. in the last few weeks there is a chance we never got it. I have updated each of our feedback pages linked to from the Contact Us page to include a note about this and a link to where you can get an email address to use directly. Please resend your emails via this route if you think we might have missed them.

Thanks to everyone who is helping us out! Open thread, have at it!

NIST building 7 report less then two weeks

lets get it right we have to be at every election place in NH or anyplace else oh yea building 7 reprt from NIST is due in less then two weeks what do you think about those apples?

NIST building 7 report in less than two weeks?

Where did you get that information?

NIST building 7 report due date


They say early 2007, I would say that means in the first quarter, i.e. by end of March...

The above is good reading and also good to debunk, since it addresses many of our claims directly, and makes some pretty slimy omissions and distortions...

also see the contract info...


This stuff needs to get a LOT more attention, maybe by sacrificing some of the attention being paid to Nico's pics of feces?  Just a thought!


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I was under the impression that March 7 2007 was the due date, and they said they were almost ready to release there theory. oh yea I went to a party with my bunch of freinds i grew up with and believe it or not we talked about 911 for a long time over some good beers and a little smoke I was cathing a good buzz when I wrote that I hope DZ doesnt pass a law aganst it.

Yes I was aware of that...

... I just thought something had just been confirmed.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were published much later this year. Some media articles have just said "in 2007"; I wonder if their authors are better informed about this than we.

Ever since Google bought

Ever since Google bought Youtube I noticed a cleansing of 911 truth , especially on its front pages. Youtube resident leftie and "useful idiot " 'Warren25smash' , has always been vehemently opposed to (in denial of) 911Truth. He tries to ignore the subject because he always ends up contradicting himself when defending the OCT.
Well recently he must have seen the BBC SHIT PEICE because he finally LOST IT on a recent popular "debunking" video that he did. The beauty is that it generated many comments and UNsubscriptions and his violent ignorance moved many people to eloquence in their defence of the Truth movement . This is unprecedented. Usually his comments are full of shills or chomsky / monbiot fans. Some of the Video responses are quite moving and deserve to be seen here. Finally a backlash of rational truth from diverse people An inspiration to see so many articulate powerful Truthers working in force.
I will provide a link when youtube is back up , It's on the most discussed front page as of now 10:48 pm pst.Please help by going there to comment or rate.

google video and 9/11

No reason to doubt that Google is censoring, BUT yesterday I went to the video.google main page and under most popular, right there on the splash page, was in plane site, with czech subtitles. i couldn't find it in the 100 most popular list though. weird. but hey, not a BAD sign...


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Good disinformationalists

Good disinformationalists have to let some truth through so they can taint and obfuscate it through skewing comments and setting up strawman arguements.Google is not on our side in this info war.The front pages of all these social videosites would be filled with 911truth if they would accurately portray the popularity of these videos.

That's good?

I thought In Plane Sight was a disinfo piece? I haven't looked at it. Doesn't it feature the no-planes theories, and TV fakery ideas? That impression of the video has kept me from downloading it.

no no... in plane site's only real problem is the pod theory

which isn't that bad. it covers pentagon and building 7 thoroughly. anyway it's what got me hooked...


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Just some thoughts... A)

Just some thoughts...
A) Is there a consensus on exactly how many buildings fell on 911, seriously was it more than 3 and were some demolished after the fact?
B) William Rodriguez might make a compelling minute of testimony for the "kos minute of free speech".
C) Get that Mr.Martell a videoipod and a portable projector . Pay a visit to Kean or crash a gatekeeping party like Goodman's without making a sound.
It's 2007 all representatives of the movement should have access to portable displays/projectors , say , for showing a clip of 7's collapse when Tucker Carlson or CNN refuses to run the clip. Or when Popular Mechanics or John Gross make blatantly false claims about things which are on video record.
D) "Incompetence" is the last stronghold of the deniers.

E) There has been a marked cumulative effect in the cultural zeitgeist and in the subconscious ( regarding 911 truth) . This shows that alot of the disinfo is backfiring.
F) It would appear some elites prefer a lihop scenario to ww3.This is the leak in the damn . We are the ocean of pressure behind.

OK if that's going to be

OK if that's going to be ignored, could someone please just tell me with authority,how many buildings fell?

All were demolished.

With no claim to authority, I can say that three fell as far as I know, while others got demolished in the cleanup effort, since they were damaged.

In other words, all of them got demolished. Some of them were demolished after 9-11-01.

Thank you for pointing this

Thank you for pointing this out. The general public isn't aware of the controlled demolition of all the others let alone 7. We should shine a light on the subsequent demolition and then the inital demos won't be unbeleivable.

Here's a good link to photos.


Notice WTC 5 & 6 did not 'collapse', despite much more significant damage. Also note the raging iferno that had engulfed WTC 5, yet no 'collapse'.

Amazing photos

Shows how building 6 was Between wtc and 7, had a TRUE inferno and real wounds from wtc1 falling on it, yet ,remained standing, core intact , necessitating CD later.Clear , unique shots of wtc7 make this an excellent post. I reccomend everyone have a look.

WTC 7 photos...?

It never fails to amaze me how few pictures there are of building 7 after the collapse of the Twin Towers and before the collapse of Seven. One would expect people to have taken photos from nearby tall buildings, for example, that clearly show it before it collapsed. Where are all these photos?


Digg front page functionality?

The Digg entry "BBC Discredited; Retractions on 9/11 Hit Piece Forthcoming?" got 261 diggs, but apparently did not make it into Digg's front page, which listed entries with far fewer diggs.

How does the front page work?

Yes, dz, the search function that is available on 911Blogger (Google search) isn't doing a good job. At least not for me. It would be nice to be able to trace where one posted comments a few days ago, but that just doesn't work. Perhaps I'll have to start taking notes...

did not make it into Digg's front page?

Why? Because disinformationalists are digging it down. Rather than confront their fears and ask questions-- they continue to spread disinformation; acting as pawns in the continued obfuscation of the truth.

That doesn't explain it

261 diggs is still more than, say, 90 diggs. I don't understand.

Ratio diggs/buries?


Digg Rigg

Digg is a rigged system and a haven for raytheon-type shills.

I have the same issue

It is off-topic to this thread, but on-topic to Vesa's comment. I also often find I would like to trace or reproduce a comment, whether made by me at some point or by someone else. Is there a way to search for all of, say, Vesa's comments, by date, regardless of what all threads they were on?

(OK, on one felt like trying to answer this (off-topic) user-interface question. I'll go over to the FAQ and ask it there...)

perps paradigm the same for OKC as 911 as JFK assasination

The truth will come out.

OKC url: http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/okc_bombshell.html

Only moments after an enormous blast blew away most of the facade and a full quarter of the eastern end of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) began to release evidence implicating two men, and two men only, who they claimed were solely responsible. The evidence later showed that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols had confessed to the impossible.

On 9/11/2006 CNN reported within hours of the 911 attacks said that Bin Laden was the mastermind of the attacks and 19 hijackers were responsible.

Within hours after the JFK assasination the media told us it was the work of only one man, Harvey Oswald.

See a pattern ?
All of these disinfo statements were designed to stop any kind of real investigation.

ANd this OKC url above goes on further to say how one of the BATF officials knew within 10 minutes after the blast that they had used ANFO.

OKC url:
Officials in charge at the time still refuse to discuss anything other than the manufactured spin: McVeigh and Nichols, as convicted by the courts, mixed up a large batch of ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO—a mild explosive used by farmers to blow out stumps) and demolished several square blocks of downtown Oklahoma City with a devastating blast that could be heard miles away.

In reality, the ANFO story was born only 10 minutes after the blast when a high-ranking BATF official by the name of Harry Everhart witnessed the blast from nearby and called the BATF office in Dallas to excitedly announce, “Someone has just blown up the federal building in Oklahoma City with a truckload of ANFO!”

This sounds just like the spectator who was interviewed on 911 who said in the strangest vebage that the jet fuel weakened the buildings structure and that's why the buildings collapsed. I saw this on video, which was removed from brasstv within a couple of days. What he said sounded scripted.

OKC url:
Some reporters and investigators, who have looked objectively at the bombing, now argue that neither Everhart nor anyone else could have correctly deduced in such a short time exactly what caused the explosion.

According to government documents released later, Ever hart was experienced in loading large amounts of ammonium nitrate fertilizer into a vehicle for use as a terrorist truck bomb, and his presence in the midst of the second worst terrorist attack in U.S. history looms suspicious to this day.

Records indicate that this ANFO explosives expert and his associates had destroyed at least eight vehicles in “test bombing experiments” at a secret range in the New Mexico desert in the 12 months prior to the OKC bombing.


One of the problems with that theory was the fact that the columns remained standing directly across the sidewalk from the truck as opposed to those that had collapsed more than 50 feet away. A retired air force brigadier general with 30 years experience compiled an irrefutable report on this subject, which showed exactly where the charges were placed inside the building.

It was so irrefutable that the prosecution refused to allow him to testify at the Denver trial as it would have destroyed any ANFO theory that the government had already sold to the American people.

On May 23, 1995, only 34 days after the explosions, the federal government stonewalled all attempts to examine the building’s remaining structure and carried out an ordered demolition, destroying and burying forever what many believed contained the evidence of many explosions.


Govt says ANFO blew the building up. Brigadier testimony would have refuted this. Prosecution won't allow Brigadier's testimony in court.

911, the government says, the jet fuel caused the buildings to collapse. CNN was even saying this on the day of 911. THe gov't will not accept any other evidence. Commission report closed.

Guiliani allowed all the forensic evidence of 911 to be shipped away. A felony by the way.

THe government would not allow examination of the remaining structure of the OKC building and ordered a demolition.

Three demolitions on 911. Did someone not want a further examination on these buildings also.

Bombs in OKC and bombs in the three WTC buildlings.

38 minutes before blasts in OKC the DOJ was notified. Why didn't they call to evacuate the building. ( Why wasn't there a complete evacuation of WTC buildings 1 and 2 after the first plane hit ? )

I hope Paul Thompson has an OKC timeline with the above url in it.

Oh, all the credit goes to American Free Press for this OKC url, and Pat Shannan in particular.


If you look at every major event over the past 50 years, you will see a pattern. Every major event that is life changing, is a direct result of the Government trying to cover shit up and use it to pursue their own agendas. I've already come to the conclusion that once we get the truth about 9/11, everything else will be exposed too. Its only a matter of time before we open the flood gates of truth and wash away these lies....

The Truth Never Lies

beware the limited hangout!

The version I read of this story had Terry Nichols saying something about switching bombs at the last minute--also sounds like WTC 93. I would caution however, that stories coming out now about OKC are probably in response to the fact that more people are discovering the discrepancies in that story because of 9/11. I've included OKC on my website for a long time now, and in my street materials, because those news reports from the day of the bombing are so compelling as far as what was actually happening (multiple bombs found unexploded in the building).

Let's be very careful that they not try to throw out a limited hangout version as damage control. The timing suggests that's what's going on. Remember to give more weight to the evidence that came before these new revelations... same goes for 9/11 if suddenly people who have been hiding info start to "discover" new facts--watch carefully!!


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Limited Hangouts

A year ago, they might have been able to get away with pinning the crime solely on Lucky Larry, but we're learning from the breadth and depth of the cover-up.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


At best 'Lucky Larry' is only guilty as an accessory before the fact. He's not in any way capable of having NORAD stand down or making the decision to destroy the evidence. He capitalized on the situation. There's no way to pin it all on him.

no one is trying to pin it all on Silverstein

but to suggest that he truly was just lucky is a slap in the face to the victims. what does NORAD standing down have to do with the buildings being rigged for demolition? especially building 7?

no doubt he played "just" a part. but what a part!

i will just repeat how weird it is that people would be defending him, when no one has even come close to suggesting he masterminded 9/11. Of all those likely involved, though, he has quite possibly gotten off the easiest in the mainstream media.

can you say crime boss? yeah, they're not all eye-talians you know... and all terrists aren't A-rabs.


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LOL, You drunk?

I was replying to ZachM.

Make sense now?

At worst

At the very worst, Silverstein is guilty of using a term that 9/11 Truthers could not understand. He had too much confidence in everyone's education.

Tell me. Big_D, how is it that you decided not to educate yourself in the discipline of thinking rationally?

Cold War

Starting to wonder if a majority of this pseudo conflict was set up as well......

Do you seriously believe that the Russians thought that they could set up nuclear warheads on Cuba pointed at the US?

Hell NO! but it sure made for one hell of a business opportunity for the faltering military industrial complex..... for both the US and Russia
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Show "Chandler 9/11 conference" by murph

bird brain

Hey, bird brain, how do you preserve the purity of your ranks? Do you do FBI background checks and psychological examinations of anyone who would like to be counted as a member of your flunker-debunker flock? Or do you just assume that birds of a feather will quack together?

Thanks for this revealing picture of your cuckoo line of reasoning. Fly away now.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

desperation setting in, eh?

so many precious myths that no one is afraid to talk about any more! It sure must suck to be in your position. All you have left is incredibly wacky attacks on a bunch of straw men. Does it ever occur to you that normal people find 9/11 very troubling without having to be told so by people like Alex Jones and Eric Hufschmid? That your effort will fail because there are now so many grassroots activists who don't need to cite any of these so-called leaders of the truth movement? And that as such your denouncing a list of caricatures achieves only the shredding of your credibility as it reveals your refusal to discuss the issues head on? Do you think we've come this far to be discouraged by this kind of crap? Keep it coming! Not only does it help people see where the resistance to the truth is coming from, it motivates us to redouble our efforts. If you hadn't posted this, one of us might have had to! Thanks, Murph! Say hi to Sivan and the rest of the Dancing Israelis™ for me would ya?


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Show "9/11 Truth" by murph

You remind me of

You remind me of someone--hmmm. Do you know chippy?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I once knew someone named chippy.

Chippy once heard of someone in the agency -psyops- known as "Col. Sparks" Could you be the same individual? If so, what ever happened to chippy?

Ha, ha.

So I take that as a "yes". And a feeble attempt at banter. Oh well--you have to learn somehow. Getting any more traffic on your site?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

You comment

You comment there and here and manage to say nothing.

You could comment, say, about Rick Siegel's violation of the law.

(..wherein we learn Jenny is a cranky old lady...)

And who the fuck are you, person who has only been with us 4.5 hours?

I don't usually come out with both barrels blazing at a newbie, but then most honest, sincere newbies don't critisize others without qualification within their first 24 hours.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I do research

You seem to forget that you are a prolific poster here that writes some mighty silly things and nasty things about other people.

I know all about you from your own writings. You are very worthy of criticism.

OMG! js is on to me!

I guess it's over now.. nothing left to do but close my account and retire in shame from 911activism.


Think you need to read my latest blog, chum...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Just post something of substance.

Then there might be a reason to take you seriously.

Just post something of substance.

You first.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Look, folks

Murph's post shows us what topics really mess up our presentation of 9-11 truth. Look what he associates it with, and do please avoid helping him and others like him, by getting on those bandwagons.

Thanks, Murph.

Murph only wants the truth

I just have a hard time with you guys that are always trying to obfuscate the truth. Could you tell us succintly why you are so afraid of the truth about 9/11, student?

Another freudian slip?

Just came across this, simply for the record. Tim Roemer, 9/11 Commissioner, says: "...especially when I was standing in front of the pentagon that night, seeing one of our fortresses pried open by a missile - uh - airplane..."

So like I said, it's just for the record, let's not start a huge debate please.

There seems to be a lot of

There seems to be a lot of Freudian slips about Pentagon. Didn't Rumsfeld also say something about a missile once?

Wonder if it's because they want us to talk about Pentagon instead of WTC. The hit pieces also often focus on Pentagon, and claim it's the central issue for 9/11 conspiracy nuts, while ignoring most of the evidence of CD at WTC.

Room for speculation...

I think the "exit hole" alone suffices to dismiss the 757 theory and Freudian slips do happen. Still, there's no reason to focus on the Pentagon when we have the best evidence imaginable apart from video confessions in the form of WTC7.

Amazing, isn't it?

BigBro, I believe you are on to something: "Wonder if it's because they want us to talk about Pentagon instead of WTC."

I am quite impressed by the cleverness of this coverup.

Think of studying, for years, how to do masterful coverups. How will such people feel on their death-bed, looking over what they achieved in this life?

Not that we should wish them dead or anything... but I think that, eventually if not already, many of those who helped this along will begin to wish for their own demise. It must weigh heavy on them at times, don't you suppose?

Meanwhile, I think we'd do best to focus more on the WTC.

William Rodriguez on BBC North

Check this out: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5861152043407678584. (Broadcast last Tuesday, 20 February.)
...Is the BBC starting to try and make it up for last Sunday's "documentary"?

Somebody tell Guy Smith to watch this!

He said in the interview with AJ that his team did not find any evidence to support the "conspiracy theories"...

Editor - www.911oz.com

Show "The real problem with the 9/11 Commission Report" by murph

more proof of cover up but not much else

Look, the administration has been caught in numerous lies. Nothing they proclaim can be trusted. It is very important to point out the lack of veracity coming from CIA reports. I mean, not only were these guys tortured, but we don't have anything directly from their mouths. This is the most egregious "evidence" that could ever be displayed. And Philip Zelikow bases the whole fairy tale on it.

But who is Atta? The 9-11 Report says the "hijackers" used hundreds of aliases and fake documents.

The Rockefeller white wash of Able Danger said army intelligence got mixed up because there were Atta lookalikes and suspects with similar names.

Bottom line, we don't know who did it. Too many secrets. We need sunshine. Start with impeachment.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

That's a logical fallacy

The fact that the administration has been known to lie about many things does not mean one can conclude they are lying about 9/11. You still need evidence.

The problem here is that the 9/11 Truth Movement is unable to come up with any evidence showing that the administration lied about 9/11 and were behind it.


Why does this guy get responded to so quickly when my perfectly legit questions and suggestions are ignored?Does one have to be confrontational?

Do you need people to

Do you need people to respond to you in order to feel validated?

Head over to a discussion forum if your looking for more discussion than you find here.


Do you need to be insultingly condescending in order to feel smug?, I need my serious questions answered so that I and others can know what we're talking about in our street activism.Do you know how many? Could you have simply told me without being an asshole? I think we spend too much time on the Nico's of the movement , people who won't be convinced of any truth anyway , and not enough on honing our own presentation.There is nothing wrong with that statement and no reason why it can't be stated in an open thread comment forum.

What question? The only

What question? The only question I see from you is:

"A) Is there a consensus on exactly how many buildings fell on 911, seriously was it more than 3 and were some demolished after the fact?"

Do you really need someone else to answer this for you? A quick google or wikipedia search should answer this. I stand by my suggestion that you should ask questions you need help with on a discussion forum, your more likely to get a response there.

3 buildings fell on 9/11 (WTC1, WTC2, WTC7), and all 7 WTC buildings were eventually demolished or pulled down.

Aside from our bad start, I completely agree that Nico and others get way too much attention. But wasting time answering the simplest of questions is a waste too which is probably why no one took the time to answer you. That and because no one is probably here to answer it.

Ah, Isee you overestimate

Ah, I see you overestimate the awareness of the subsequent demolition of all the other large buildings in the wtc complex. This you never hear about or see videos of and I have been surfing this board since '05.Some of you oldtimers like Chris may remember me , I posted under my name back then ;Colin Alexander.
Certainly the authorities want to avoid the subject of demolitions involving ANYof the towers because video of the implosions would look eerily reminiscent of 7. Get them to talk about (or show) the demolishing of the others and the cd of 7 becomes harder to cover-up. As we all know proof of pre-planted explosives in 7 will destroy the "Fire" myths they have perpetrated regarding the tower's collapse.
Finally , no I don't need someone to find answers for me , I specifically asked if there was a consensus , what others are aware of. Wikipedia? Please , this is my source, I value the opinions I find here.

I say, no problem; good questions

Hey, Colin: I seem to remember that the demolition authorities actually 'pulled' bldg. 6 down, after 9-11. They did it with pullies after some demo work -- I think; and others here may want to correct these details.

It would almost seem as though they wanted to staunch the wound opended by Silverstein's accidental admission re: Bldg 7, i.e., "Pull it."

This is to say that it may not help so much to bring up how the other buildings got taken down.


I'm fascinated by this. Another 'pulled' quote? Can you remember the source? Pullies? Is this someone on video commenting about the Admitted demolitions of the wtc complex? Thank you as this was exactly the sort of exchange I was after. I think any time we connect the wtc complex with controlled demolitions the powers that be and Larry Silverstein shi* their collective pants .

"We're getting ready to pull building six"

At least the final pull was done mechanically.

"Pulls" are only done mechanically

Everyone can see easily that WTC 7 was not "pulled". But there are a lot of blind people out there.

What 'accidental admission'?

Document your claim with factual evidence please.

Trolling for murphs...

Murphs out there-I'm always looking for disinfo types giving a good argument that I can work on to better persuasive Truth arguments. None of you give me anything of substance. Hard to support a lie, isn't it? Unless you are the mainstream media and possess some amount of credibility-or did.

Guess I'll go over to debunking911.com and 911myths.com to get some quality traitorous disinfo from pros.

Disinfo guys in daily and weekly newspapers: it probably isn't a good idea to use your real names, as angry Truthers might want to have a few words with you. To find out if you are retarded, have a deep fear of paradigms that don't agree with yours, or are seriously evil, traitorous individuals that threaten the future of our world. Freedom from tyrany is at stake here, and it seems I remember some people fighting for that ideal back in the late 1700s. Disinfo traitors, we understand that you have the mouthpieces of the MSM right now. But don't be so arrogant as to think that we will not one day be victorious. Martial law may happen, some of us may be rounded up, tortured, executed-but the Truth already exists in the minds of millions of people around the world. The Truth proves the corruption of power, the sickness of politics in the early 21st century as following thousands of years of the same.

Guy Smith, are you even a little bit scared? I'll put your name on my list, under the guys over at Popular Mechanics. Let's see, you come right after..."Rothschild,M.". I'll hold a spot open for you in a "reeducation camp" coming soon to a place near you!

Can anyone tell me what Dan Wallace(NY) died of?
(dicktater-thanks for the links.)

Just came across this story on Martial Law:


Was just over visiting the enemy's camps:



The "molten steel" page was SO LONG!!! I guess they think a million words of bs will prove the gov't. version correct. Sadly, for a lot of Americans they are probably right. Guys, visit these sights and see what you think-NSA,CIA, or just lost souls?

Enemy? How so?

lalo wrote,

Was just over visiting the enemy's camps:



Both of these sites deal with evidence. Don't you deal with evidence?

Both of these sites point out flaws in the "official 9/11 Truth Movement stories." Won't you ever get around to addressing them?

The 9/11 Truth Movement claims it wants a new investigation of 9/11. It claims it has "questions" that have not been answered? Won't you answer questions raised about your claims ever?

Tell us, lalo, why you consider these two site part of some "enemy camp?"

Please document your accusations. Thank you in advance.

9/11 Daily Debunker
"Chronicling the irrational thinking and myths of the "9/11 Truth Movement" and its lemming-like march to self-destruction."

bring it on attitude

nice post lalo.
I'm loving the new ballsy attitude of truthers these days
We are unstoppable. and incidentally, just getting started despite what the debunkers claim.

Please explain.

Have you had your head buried in the sand too?

I thought you might want to

I thought you might want to think this over, murph:


Admittedly, you're mild mannered--so far--but thought you should get a heads up.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.