Art Project Involving Thermate Burn at Burning Man 2007

Art Project With Thermate
I've started to get some favorable responses from one person within the Burning Man organization for an art project involving the demolition of the giant word "truth" constructed from steel i-beams and destroyed by computer timed thermate cutter charges. Burning Man is a high visibility art spectacle that oftentimes manages to feature thought provoking works of art on a large scale. I believe that the proposal I outline here can draw more attention to the notion of thermate cutter charges being used to bring down the World Trade buildings. What I need from interested folks on this blog are contacts to qualified demo companies that may be interested in teaming with me and providing technical assistance, Links for possible funders & other considerations you deem worthy. I will attempt to secure an art grant from the Burning Man Art Foundation, though it may be a little late for that. I just got the idea for this. International and national news attention usually follows around this type of thing at Burning Man, so it can become very interesting. You can contact me through my brightpathvideo website. Thanks, John

you sir are the man. ive

you sir are the man. ive always wanted to go to burning man, seems kind of cliche but still probably pretty crazy.

Wow, I love the idea

Have you submitted this as a story?