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Yet Another Designed to Fail Commission!

From Washington's Blog:

We've heard this before, haven't we and is it any surprise? This time more people are beginning to catch on, especially the one's who've lost their homes....

From the very outset, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission was set up to fail.


The investigations were further hampered by the requirement that subpoenas have bi-partisan approval along with Its decision to hold hearings with high profile individuals, including top Wall Street executives, before much in the way of lower-level investigation had been completed. The usual way to get meaningful disclosure from a top executive is to confront him with hard-to-defend material or actions; interrogations under bright lights, while a fun bit of theater, generally yield little in the absence of adequate prep.


Kevin Bracken at LaborTech 2010

Video from December 11, 2010 University of San Francisco. Filmed by John Parulis

Key Note Speaker: Kevin Bracken:

Kevin Bracken is the Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australian (MUA) Victoria Branch and President of the Australia Victorian Trades Council Hall, which represents 400, 000 workers will be speaking (In a personal capacity) on “Corporate Media, The Trade Unions, War And 9/11”. Bracken is one of the leading trade unionists in the world, who has publicly challenged the US official explanation of 9/11, and the political use of “terrorism” by governments internationally to escalate the attacks on democratic rights and repression of the labor movement and working people around the world.

[ FTR - Mr. Bracken made it very clear that he was speaking as an individual and not as a representative of either organization - LW ]

Kevin Braken at LaborTech 2010 San Francisco

Australian MUA Victoria Secretary, Victoria Trades Council Leader Kevin Bracken Speaking At LaborTech 2010 Conference

Kevin Bracken, the Secretary Of the Maritime Union Of Australia MUA Victoria Branch and President of the Victoria Trades Council Hall which represents 400, 000 workers will be speaking in a personal capacity on the Corporate Media, Labor And Questions About The Official 9/11 Story at LaborTech. Bracken is one of the leading trade unionists
in the world who has publicly challenged the US official explanation of 9/11 and the growing attack on democratic rights and repression of the labor movement.

He will speak at the public Saturday night session of LaborTech 2010 which will be held at the University of San Francisco McClaron 252
on Saturday December 11, 2010 at 7:30 PM.

For those not registered at the LaborTech conference the charge will be $10.00. Make checks payable to LaborTech P.O. Box 720027, SF, CA 94172 (415)282-1908 or pay at the door.

Union leader Kevin Bracken says September 11 attacks were a conspiracy

Unions are shaking up the state in France. This is big. Unions know how to shut things down when the going gets rough.

A SENIOR union leader has publicly stated he believes the September 11 terrorist attacks were a conspiracy and the Twin Towers were imploded.
Kevin Bracken, Victorian branch secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia and president of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, is calling for a "proper investigation into the events of September 11''.
"I believe the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny,'' he told ABC radio host Jon Faine this morning.
``There are so many unanswered questions and the official story doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny, that there were four planes hijacked for over an hour and 20 minutes yet no US planes were scrambled which is directly against standard US air force operating procedures"

FOIA Under Attack

Global Research writer Tom Burghardt outlines a chilling attack on our cyber privacy by the Obama Administration in this new article called "Crypto Wars"

Clamping Down on the Freedom of Information Act

Entreaties by civil libertarians however, are likely to fall on deaf ears in the Democratic-controlled Congress.

In a clear sign that the Obama administration is moving to clamp down further on the free flow of information even as they seek access to all of ours', Politico reported that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) "appears to be on the verge of prevailing in an attempt to put some information it receives from other intelligence agencies beyond the reach of Freedom of Information Act requests."

Everything But the Truth

The Road To WWIII

David DeGraw describes the likely outcome of global and looming US austerity measures. We are not too far away from this and we'd better pay head. Thanks again to the great folks at Global Research.
Full article at link:

The Road to World War III - The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play

by David DeGraw

Global Research, September 28, 2010 - 2010-09-27

The following is Part I to David DeGraw’s new book, “The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III.” This is the second installment to a new seven-part series that we will be posting throughout the next few weeks. You can read the introduction to the book here.

I: Economic Imperial Operations

Jon Stewart Trashes 9/11 Truth

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart along with Stephen Colbert are announcing counter-Beck rallies at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30, 2010. Stewart's is for "Restoring Sanity", Colbert's is for keeping "Fear Alive". While both of these guys have done some pretty amazing work pulling down the pants of right wing hypocrisy and government lunacy, they are nonetheless serving the unhelpful role of left wing progressive gate keepers by once again referring to 9/11 Truth activism as "conspiracy" stuff.

David Chandler 9/11 Analysis DVD

David Chandler: 9/11 Analysis DVD | July 04, 2010

9/11 Analysis is a compilation of short analysis videos I have produced and uploaded to the internet over the last few years, woven together with an interpretive narrative. The individual short pieces arose one-by-one as measurements were made and insights developed, but together they constitute a coherent body of work: the total destruction of the three most prominent buildings of the World Trade Center as seen through the eyes of a physics teacher and concerned citizen.

Shown here is the concluding narrative, an appeal to take the events of 9/11 seriously, even as the events of 9/11 seem to fade into the distance. The wars of 9/11 continue. The justification of torture, the loss of civil rights, the overturning of over two centuries of democratic tradition, and the demonization of a major segment of humanity under the guise of "terrorism" are continuing legacies of 9/11.

Family of Secrets Author Speaks in SF

Author Russ Baker, gives a gripping talk on his book, Family of Secrets- an in depth examination of the Bush dynasty and America's invisible government, at Borders Books in San Francisco, June 15, 2010.

Anyone interested in the scholarly pursuit of how power really works in the US and to what extent the purveyors of that power will go need to read Russ' book. This highly disturbing book has been quarantined even by what many consider to be an open minded show---Comedy Central. The jokes on us. If you want to understand the dark back story to events like those on September 11, consider bringing Russ Baker into your consciousness.



Remembering The 'Hardest Hit Unit In Iraq'




Today on NPR's Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviews embedded reporter Kelly Kennedy on her experiences telling the moving and tragic story of one of the worse days of an army unit in Iraq. I was brought to tears listening to this story, so, be advised, this is not easy stuff to digest. I was also brought to renewed awareness about why we are 9-11 Truth activists. As so many in our movement have said -these "9-11 wars" make the events of September 11, 2001 real, alive and vitally important to fully understand today. In the face of sacrifices troops like these made, you can only imagine how things will come apart at the seams when a full Truth airing happens, yet happen it must, if the endless insanity of these illegals wars is to stopped along with their dark cousins of the loss of freedoms and democracy.

A Guide to the 9/11 Whistleblowers

When losing a discussion on the facts of 9/11, a so-called 9/11 "debunker" will often rely on an old canard to "prove" that 9/11 could not have been an inside job: "So many people want their quarter hour of fame that even the Men in Black couldn't squelch the squealers from spilling the beans," write self-satisfied defenders of the government story. According to the logic of this argument, if there are no 9/11 whistleblowers then 9/11 was not an inside job.

So what if there are 9/11 whistleblowers? What if these whistleblowers come from every level of government and private industry, individuals who have even had their cases vindicated by internal government reports? As you are about to see, there are numerous such whistleblowers and each one is a thorn in the side of those who want to pretend that the 9/11 Commission represents the sum total of knowledge on the 9/11 attacks.

More at global research link above.

Corbett report lists the big ones. Support

Whistleblowers are the lifeblood of 9-11 Truth.

Connections, Connections

T.E. Braniff, founder of Braniff Airlines and friend to George H.W.Bush, was a member of the Knights Templar, an ancient Catholic anti-Islamic order, birthed during the Medieval Crusades. Young Eric Prince worked in Bush elder's White House. His connections to the administration under which 9-11 happened, go back far and long and deep.

Russ Baker has been writing fearlessly about connections like this one in "Family of Secrets". Now, Michael Carmichael, has revealed more, in an article titled, "From Blackwater to Xe, the Templar Crusade Mercenary soldiers and security personnel for the US government".

from the article:

"Erik Prince, the founder and owner of the now infamous US corporation, Blackwater, hails from Holland, Michigan where his family was both powerful and prominent in two institutions - (1) the Republican Party and (2) the evangelical Christian Church. After scandals hit his large and lucrative firm, Prince ordered a curious rebranding that changed its name to Xe.

Family of Secrets

Bonnie Faulkner hits broadcasting pay dirt (the dirt part is truly dirty) with this highly
disturbing series of Bush dynastic revelations from author Russ Baker, speaking about his new book,
Family of Secrets.

From the program notes, you wouldn't perceive just how disturbing the information is.

"Guns and Butter - "Family of Secrets - The Bush Dynasty"

"Family of Secrets - The Bush Dynasty" with investigative reporter and author, Russ Baker. The Bush family's extensive ties to intelligence; the Kennedy assassination; Nixon and Watergate; W's rise to power. Russ Baker is the author of Family of Secrets - The Bush Dynasty, The Powerful Forces That Put It In the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America."

David Chandler- Visalia Friends Meeting-Dec.17, 2009

David Chandler is the author of numerous online videos that analyze the
collapse of the World Trade Building from the point of view of a
physics instructor. David’s contributions to the NIST final Report on WTC 7
led to their admitting to 2.2 seconds of “free fall” in the buildings collapse.
David is also the author of the popular internet site:
about US income distribution.

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