9/11 Activists Speak Out at Ground Zero 2006


Sept. 11, 2006 several thousand activists came to NYC to learn about the information dug up by the 9-11 truth activists. The weekend included lectures and activism aimed at bringing the questions about the september 11 World Trade Center attacks up to the public. Included in this short is Corey Rowe of the Loose Change phenomenon, Alex Jones, among others like www.ny911truth.org . music by Immortal Technique. This short Produced by www.snowshoefilms.com

Immortal Technique is the

Immortal Technique is the man. he needs to hurry up on that album and give us a few more 9/11 protest songs.


The entire video is excellent--and the rapper dude is AWESOME!

911 Truth

Bring it!

Thank you!


Thank you for sharing this! I will never forget how moved I was to be a part of that weekend. I am so grateful to have come to know that I was lied to----as painfull as it was to realize---and I am grateful to this community of truthers that just want to save their country. We still have a lot of people to bring out of the dark but with this growing momentum we can show newbies that there is hope and we can reclaim the greatness of our country, together.