What Year Was 9/11? Students Don't Know.


Mark Dice and friends visit San Diego State University's job fair and find out that some students have forgot what year 9/11 happened.


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.......have got to be kidding me !

That military officer who says his job is to defend & protect

the Constitution (near the end of the video) is dangerously confused. The Bushies are brazenly subverting our Constitution before our own eyes, yet people like him refuse to see this!

Mark Dice is a strong truther & thought provoker, IMO.

"Our Constitution"

As far as "our Constitution" is concerned, take a look at this:



Doesn't scare me as much as the polls that indicate the majority of the soldiers serving in Iraq think Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

"A little bit of Change..."

"A little bit of Change..." - LOL Sad

I've heard that of our soldiers actually think Osama & Hussein

are the same person! The military brass purposely brainwash them with this crap!

These military shitheads need to come home now & stop killing innocent men, women, & children!!!

Hey Diceman!

Great work! Stay in their faces! Especially those military robots! If you have not conscienciously objected by now, what the hell are you guys waiting for?



There was a poll on the fifth anniversary

that showed 30% of Americans don't know the year in which 9/11 happened.

Great job Mark Dice...

Loved the idea of walking around the Internet / computer room with the "Google 9/11 Truth" sign...

Keep it up dude...

I don't agree

with some of the reasons why Mark Dice is doing what he's doing.

But at least he's doing something.

We could use more Direct Action activism like this by more people.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


Yes, I don't agree with Dice or even with Alex Jones on every

single issue, but I agree with them 100% on spreading 9/11 truth & stopping NWO fascism immediately!

(In fact, if we don't stop NWO fascism trough 9/11 truth, we may never get to debate/resolve any issues we disagree on. All of our decisions will be made for us by the elite, self-appointed dictators.)

What scares me

What scares me most from this video is the Professor saying he knew about 9-11 but thought the public isnt ready for the truth. If people that know the truth ,censor it from others because they dont think they can handle the truth, then we are imposing self censorship in the most ignorant way.

Keep up the fight Mark!

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A very telling video

in many ways.

It is disturbing that so many students at SDSU don't know what year the 9/11 attacks happened. I'd like to see more follow up on this.

When Mr. Dice was talking to the Navy recruiters I think it would've been more useful to ask them what they thought about Navy personnel being reassigned to do Marine and Army support functions on land. I also think he should've asked them about their responsibility to NOT follow illegal orders.

When he was talking to the Marine I think he should've asked him about his responsibility to NOT follow illegal orders. I also would've asked him about the ethics of using depleted uranium.

If I had been interviewing the UCSD professor I would've asked him why he thought the American people are not ready for the truth about 9/11.

Why I don't support many of Mr. Dice's positions I think we could use a version of him on college campuses across the country.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Good Activism

I like his approach in literally getting out into the real world and pushing the subject of 9/11 truth, even if I don't necessarily agree with everything he believes.

However, I'm not sure if incorporating Loose Change into his interviews is a great idea in retrospect, while Loose Change, IMO, made some good points and raised some very good questions, there were some parts of it that can be reasonably held in question mostly because of the author's manner of presentation. In short, I think it would be better for the overall cause to site more concrete evidences regarding 9/11 truth than asking people whether they've seen Loose Change or not. In any case, at least he's trying, which is more than many people can say.

I'd also like for people to give our soldiers a bit of a break, especially the lower ranks such as the ones overseas. Most of them likely believe they are doing what is best for their country, in one way or another, thus making them patriots in a sense. They should not be chastised because of that. In any case they are hardly to be held accountable for the blatant treason of this administration, a soldier is trained to follow orders, not question them. If he or she does not follow said orders they can, and will be, court-marshaled for insubordination, and thus dishonorably discharged... which is near equivalent, if not moreso, to having a felony conviction on your permanent record. As for the higher brass, however, those who are involved should most definitely be held accountable - and those who are involved are without a doubt part of Bush's regime.

As far as the Final Cut, I sincerely hope this new video will focus more on the concrete facts which are abundantly apparent, rather than unfounded broad speculation and selective representation. I understand this video's, and it's predecessors, goals were and will be to promote awareness... but in retrospect, focusing on speculation that can be reasonably argued can do more damage to the overall goal than it can do good, in many cases. We needn't concern ourselves with missile pods that could have been attached to the fuselage of the aircraft, for example, when these "pods" can reasonably be explained by video quality, lighting, perspective angles, etc. We needn't invest our efforts in an "eye-witness" testimony of someone who was admittedly a mile or more away from GZ, yet clearly saw no windows/portholes in the aircraft - even though there were windows from the aircraft collected from the crash sites. We should focus on what we KNOW, without a doubt, to be true... Such as the fact that the buildings were ultimately destroyed by some form of controlled demolitions, and to pursue investigation into this, for if we centralize our efforts on something which cannot reasonably be explained by anything else, we are more likely and able to get to the bottom of such a fact... and once that is accomplished, other theories and speculations will be able to be supported or prove false, much like a domino effect... If the Twin Towers can be destroyed like a house of cards, than so to can this conspiracy... We need only remove one card from the house to bring the rest toppling down.