WTC7 at 65mph

I've had this on my car for about a month and got the idea right here at 911Blogger. I keep a supply of 911 Mysteries in the car to hand out anytime someone asks about it or looks curiously at the sign. If you're interested, I had this done up at a local Fast Signs for about $65 and, yes, I gave them a DVD when I ordered the sign.
We're winning people. These murderous traitors will be on trial soon.

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That's a great idea

I bought one of those "paint markers" that people use to put "for sale" on their cars, and I plan on writing comments on my truck and windows with it. They come in different colors. I think I bought them at Lowes. (home improvement + store) It's a cheaper way to do what you did. But yours looks 1,000 times better.

Did you check on the legality of putting a sign like that on your car window?

(I know in California there are laws about, for example, putting shading filter covering on certain windows and where you can put decals and how big they can be)

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Didn't check, but

Didn't check but there are all kinds of business owners around here who have much more obtrusive signs on their windows. If I'm pulled over, I'll say, "Sure officer, I'll take it off but have one of these free DVDs. Then get back in touch with me since you have my contact info and tell me if you'd like me to keep it."

Great job

Very eye catching,

Show "Wouldn't "Big Baby on Board" ..." by Mark Roberts

As long as you're here, Mr. Roberts ...

How do you explain Norman Mineta's testimony before the 9/11 Commission on Friday, May 23, 2003?

How do you explain the failure of the US Secret Service to follow SOP and remove George W. Bush from the classroom after they knew the second plane hit?

No tours today?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

hey now

why you gotta knock a mans hustle?

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So, Mark

Why wouldn't Bush and Cheney testify on record about their activities on 9/11? Why would they only testify together? Why wouldn't they allow recording devices in the room? Why did Bush wait 441 days to begin an investigation of the worst terror attack in America's history? Why did Bush and Cheney threaten Tom Daschle not to investigate 9/11? Why did the Bush administration actually fight the families of 9/11 victims? Why does Bush have so much contempt for the victims' families?

Why do you spend your days protecting tyrants, Mark?

You aren't too bright, are you?

Your supposition is one of the more nonsensical comments I've ever seen a 'bunker make.

What? Did they ban you from the JREF forums for being an ass, so you came over here? (a la their new-found realization that they have TOS rules)

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Only if you were riding with me...

But then I'd have to add "even though he's big, he ain't too smart." Don't waste our time here traitor.