Structural collapse vs. controlled demolition

Short comparison of structural collapse and controlled demolition of a building.

Structural collapse

This building in India collapsed because of structural failure. See also video. Read more at Gujarat News report.

These buildings collapsed because of earthquake.

Collapse of the building because of structural failure on Philippines: photo1, photo2, video.

Controlled demolition

Examples of controlled demolition.

Some other controlled demolitions:

WTC 7 - collapse or controlled demolition?

Decide yourself.

For more WTC 7 footage see this video.

quote from phillipines video

"Criminal charges are filed against the building's owner. He's lucky they don't include murder."

Yeah, he ain't the only "Lucky" building owner is he!


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Buildings tipping over. That is so interesting. Don't the debunkers imply that if buildings start to fall, they just always crash straight down into their own footprints -- because that's the path of least resistance (sic)? Also, notice how they do not pulverize until they hit the ground -- none of this disintegrating in mid-air business!


Yep, interesting, isnt it. Mr. Meigs of Popular Mechanics recently (in a recent Rosie attack piece on "Prime News") told us that :
"The fact is, when you drop a heavy weight over the surface of the earth, it *does* fall straight down. Thats what these buildings did. Thats what buildings do when they fall down. Its not a cartoon, they dont topple over ."

Check this out

No top down controlled demolition my ass, check this out, a rebuttal to that ridiculous claim.

Image Hosted by


Help me shout 9/11 articles on:

not sure where that took place but

thats "poor man's" controlled demo. Buildings within certain heights are gutted in the middle and explosives are placed there. When set off the building cracks in half at the gutted portion, and the top half crushes the bottom half. Cheap, easy, quick. Nothing like how they did the towers.

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My point is

My point is, people tend to forget the controlled part of the demolition. Sometimes they say it has to be from bottom up to be a "controlled demolition", this just shows that there are plenty of variable ways to demolish something, and they do not have to adhere to the bottom up process.


Help me shout 9/11 articles on:

Top Down

If anything resembles the WTC demolition it is this top down implosion.

That's a good one. This one

That's a good one. This one from the same site sure looks like WTC7 to me:

yep, and looks like

they weren't terribly concerned about damaging any surrounding buildings in this one. Kind of like with the towers, where not only did they want the destruction to appear to initiate at the (high) point of the planes' impact, but they also found it convenient to have the debris reach a radius of 400 feet so as to easily explain the collapse of nearby buildings (cough cough 7 cough cough)


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We Americans pay $450 billion a year to fund the military....

I would hope they would take that money and come up with a way to demolish a huge building from the top down. It would be ashame to think our tax dollars are going to waste! :-)

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cut columns from other demolitions

When 1,124 Ground Zero Hi-Res Pictures archive went out, I have chosen best photos of cut columns and rubble pile from it. You can find the gallery here (there are some slovak comments there, I hope you don't mind).

Photos shown there can be downloaded in single rar archive here.

It would be interesting to compare this cuts from WTC rubble with columns cut in other demolitions. I have never seen such a comparison. We would probably see the same pattern. However, I was unable to find any photographs that would show cut steel columns from some demolition. Could you please help to find some?

Sector... is there a way to view RAR pictures....

without having to purchase the RAR software?

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RAR is a compression format

simply decompress with 7-zip, which is free and unpacks just about anything except christmas presents.

interns < internets

uhhh, you mean they dont all

uhhh, you mean they dont all turn into dust?

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No, it's really weird.

I think these videos must be faked. ; P

the tilted buildings were obviously brought down by....


oh I'm a lumberjack and i'm ok,
i topple buildings in a tree-like way

they don't explode or turn to dust
because that makes a mess

we do it with our hatchets
in a pretty sunday dress


so if you need to bring one down
don't use bombs or thermite

an axe is more effective
than a ton of dynamite


don't get us wrong we love pancakes
as much as other guys

but unlike other people
we make sure that no one dies


so when you hear the experts say
how buildings must come down

remind them of the burly man
with the axe and the dressing gown


all credit to monty python


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