Portland, OR David Ray Griffin speech went very well tonight

Just a little note to say the event came off quite well and I had a great time afterward meeting no less than 5 of my online "people"! Col. Jenny, Casseia (did I spell that right??), LeftWright, Ken Jenkins and Alex Ansary were all subjected to my 9/11-event-noobie-ness and all were as nice as could be. Sadly my ride had to leave so I couldn't attend the after-event party but other than that it was just what I'd hoped for. Kudos to all for putting on an excellent event, and of course thanks to DRG for continuing to speak the truth about the event which supposedly "changed everything" -- but which we aren't supposed to examine.

man i wish i'd been there!

the maddest of mad props to all who helped to make this event happen! Where's the vid?!


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I think there's going to be a vid of the Seattle lecture

Someone else can confirm this one way or the other but my impression is that there won't be one of last night's lecture, at least not right now, but LeftWright mentioned to me that (IIRC) he had helped Ken Jenkins take some gear up to Seattle to capture that one for a future DVD. My understanding may easily be wrong so be sure to ask someone with direct knowledge. One way or another I'm sure we'll eventually have a video of one of these current lectures available; Jenkins already put out a video of Griffin's last lecture(s?) which I unfortunately now can't seem to find on Google video (where I watched it recently) so I can't link to it or even be sure of the name any more, but I think it was "The Truth and Lies of 9/11".

BTW, I should have mentioned that the attendance was healthy; my very rough estimate is at least 200 and probably well above that. Whoever ran the tickets will know. ;-) The room was nearly full and it was not a small room. My sense is that most of the attendees already knew about 9/11, but that's only a vague impression based largely on the small number (that I heard, anyway) of gasps or other indications of surprise during the lecture. (There were a few.)

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

here's a report


That report puts the attendance at around 600. I guess my estimate was very conservative! Some photos there too.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"