September 2015 Actions of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth”

Since 2006, “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” has tenaciously worked on projects, events, actions and outreach throughout the North Texas Area and Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex, along with supporting many national 9/11 Truth campaigns. To date, “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” has given out more than 68,000 DVDs and literally tons of literature.

This September 2015, the “North Texans for 9/11 Truth Meetup Group” ( ) again performed a variety of actions to expose the 9/11 Cover-up which included an event designed to reach new people with more than 140 people attending, a successful Sign Wave, and also a far reaching Advertising Campaign.

The 6th Annual 9/11 Film Festival

The 6th Annual 9/11 Film Festival - 3 Venues, 4 Days, 5 Programs!



Dr. Bob Bowman Speaking In Milwaukee, WI On His 2009 Patiot Tour

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth is sponsoring Bob Bowman for 2nd year in a row.
Speaking In Milwaukee Soon! 2009 Patriots Tour
Dr. Bob Bowman - Theme: Take Back America
We must demand a government which:
(1) follows the Constitution (2) honors the truth (3) serves the people
Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 6:30 PM
Where: Bella’s Fat Cat Restaurant
2737 So. Kinnickinnic Ave.
(Admission Free/Donations Accepted)
Introductions By: Dr. Kevin Barrett (Author & Radio Host)

Take Care Matt

Glenn Beck, you are truly an inspiration!

Yesterday I sent this email to Glenn Beck, his producer and staff.

SUBJECT: Glenn Beck, you are truly an inspiration!

Dear Glenn Beck,

I am writing to sincerely thank you for the free publicity plug for our
organization and for your words of inspiration! Today (Sunday June 14th from 12
Noon to 5pm), five of us decided to attend one of your 9/12 Project Tea Parties
in New Richmond Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati). We had previously not
considered this particular crowd to be our likely target audience but today's
response was generally incredibly, overwhelmingly positive! There was quite a
crowd there. Complete with live music, guest speakers, clever political signs
about the fascistic direction of our country. A very anti Obama crowd.

We set up a table with several different flyers, signs and free dvds to disperse
to a very hungry audience. Since we were located right at the entrance to this
event we were able to offer all of our information to everyone who passed by. We
employed a very tactical approach by offering all passersbys a free dvd of The Float in Fourth of July Parade first participated in the Takoma Park Maryland 4th of July parade in 2006 with an information table. That effort was so successful that we decided to enter a float in the parade the following year, 2007. This is our second year to have a float in the parade and we have found it to be a great way to reach a large audience with a minimum of effort and expense (and it is a lot of fun!)

dc911truth Float


On Saturday, July 5th at Peace Arch Park (Blaine, WA and White Rock, BC Border crossing) from 12 Noon til Dusk, Canadians and Americans will come together for common causes and interests for our mutual benefit.

Toronto Showing of 9/11 Mysteries and Guest Discussions with Barrie Zwicker, Graeme MacQueen, and Michael Keefer,, and showed "911 Mysteries" at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto Thursday June 14th at 7:00pm. Speakers included Barrie Zwicker, Graeme MacQueen and Michael Keefer, with a turnout of about 165 people. Great discussions with these fantastic speakers and other 9/11 activists after the event at Laila's across the street. Thank you and kudos to the organizers for all of their hard work, especially Mike Cogan. Here's a picture of Barrie and me. :)

Portland, OR David Ray Griffin speech went very well tonight

Just a little note to say the event came off quite well and I had a great time afterward meeting no less than 5 of my online "people"! Col. Jenny, Casseia (did I spell that right??), LeftWright, Ken Jenkins and Alex Ansary were all subjected to my 9/11-event-noobie-ness and all were as nice as could be. Sadly my ride had to leave so I couldn't attend the after-event party but other than that it was just what I'd hoped for. Kudos to all for putting on an excellent event, and of course thanks to DRG for continuing to speak the truth about the event which supposedly "changed everything" -- but which we aren't supposed to examine.

Taking the truth on the road (part 2)

Hello from Seattle (Bothell actually!), brothers and sisters in truth!

I actually rolled into Seattle a little after 7pm on Tuesday evening, but have been too busy to post until now.

Last night we did a film premiere of 9/11: The Myth and the Reality at a lovely neighborhood church in the Green Lake district. The small gym had everything we needed to show the film and do Q&A afterward. The only shortcoming was a very small audience (10 people), all of whom are already hip to 9/11 Truth.

Marketing, folks, it's all about promotion. If it's not out there, by definition, people won't see it and can't know about it.

This event was a late addition to the main DRG event on Friday (tomorrow) and was not co-promoted along with it. Additionally, there was very little separate promotion of the event, thus the very low turnout.

(If I had known how little promotion was going on for this event, I would have come up a day earlier and done my flyering thang, ahh well, live and learn, the point of this post, btw)

Our hosts are great and Seattle rocks! I hope to see some of the Vancouver crew down here tomorrow as I didn't make it there last night (my regrets to Van).

"Spy Chips" Free Event in NYC and Fundraiser for survivor of 9/11

Spy Chips
Event/Fundraiser for survivor of 9/11

4/21/07 Saturday 6:00pm
“Blue Loft”, located at 12 Warren Street, 3rd Floor, Tribeca, NYC

Come and see what the elite ruling class has planned to contain and control the populous. RFID (radio frequency identification) chips will either be in our wallets, cell phones or our bodies, and will house all of our cash, credit and financial information. The Real ID Act has been passed by both houses, signed by the President, and merely awaits state by state implementation.

Soon these spy chips will tell the ruling powers where we are, who we are with, what we are purchasing and what we are doing at any given moment in our lives. There is already a global movement toward a cashless society. In parts of Europe and Asia, cell phones with RFID chips are already being used to access public transportation, make purchases, and identify the carrier. If this trend grows to a worldwide scale, there is little that will stop the global banking elite from establishing their control and dominion over our planet’s inhabitants.


Rebuilding America's Senses

A Project for the New American Citizen invites you to Rebuilding America’s Senses, a two-day conference aimed at exposing state- sponsored terrorism and its application in staged false-flag operations. By understanding these two fundamental concepts, one can better comprehend how governments have historically used fear and even terrorism as a means to control their populations. The conference will be organized around the historical and present use of state-sponsored terrorism, as well as its inevitable use in the future. It is our belief that a citizenry who is aware of such tactics will not be so easily coerced into supporting another unjustifiable war and continued degradation of their rights. By attending this free conference you will hear from a number of prestigious speakers, drawn from all over the country, provide irrefutable physical and socio-scientific proof that Western governments have indeed been behind the major terrorist events of our lives, including the attacks of September 11th, the 7/7 bombings in London, the Oklahoma City bombing and many more.

Last Man Out: UK TOUR

Not sure if anyone has posted this up, so I thought i would.

UK tour dates for W. Rodriguez.

V for Vendetta & 9/11 Truth demonstration on the 5th of November

Members of the NC 9/11 Truth group ( met yesterday and we were throwing around ideas, and thought a good campaign would be to promote people doing youtube videos of 9/11 truth activism related to V for Vendetta, and possibly doing something on the mall on 11/5 with 9/11 truth activists dressed up as V.

The 5th of november is 2 days before election, and right after halloween, so people could get the masks/costumes for Halloween anyway.

The V for Vendetta 9/11 video clip is very popular and widespread throughout the 'net.

We have talked to the DC 9/11 Truth group and they are very interested.