New Issue of High Times has one-page 9/11 article

The October issue of High Times magazine has a one-page article that is a survey of " September 11 conspiracy literature and cinema".

Scan of the article here;

Thanks, Leo.



At this point, the only thing I can say is that people are NOT forgetting 9/11! In the subconscious level they know that there is something wrong with the official theory... but they're too scared to ask themselves "Is this really possible?". But little by little, the change is coming. I don't care anymore if the media is with or against 9/11 truth movement. What is important to me is that they can't dismiss us anymore. This game is getting more and more interesting...! My only fear is that the Gov may decide to shot down the truth movement websites, to prevent us from communicating to each other. Now the internet has become like air for the truth movement to breath, without it we can't do anything in large scale. Are we prepared for the worst case scenario, or I am th only one being so skeptic?

By the way, the positive side is that we don't have any leader, so it is really hard for them to track us and disintegrate the movement. Let's be hopeful and keep up the good fight!


We can always pick up the phone and call.

I'm not so worried about them shutting us out of the internet as perpetrating another "terrorist attack" and declaring martial law.

The truth is unstoppable, it is only a matter of time, sooner being much better than later.

You make a very good point that our decentralized nature as a truly grassroots movement makes it next to impossible for the perps to counter us in any meaningful way.

Be well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Great stuff. If only articles like this would appear in more of the mainstream media outlets. High Times is a good start though. With the momentum we're gaining, pretty soon they'll be forced to refer to the 9/11 truth movement properly, instead of labelling us "conspiracy nuts".

they even weed out some of the disinfo!

I groaned when I saw that one of the films the article summarized was "In Plane Sight", but was subsequently delighted to see them call it out as the disinfo that it is. This was a great piece!

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