San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup 8/11/07 Truth Action VIDEO

Abby, Peter & Friends attempt to wake up San Diego with their monthly Truth Action.

Good stuff!

Inspiring stuff! Keep up the good work, and may your success continue.

Great job, guys (and gals)!

Our group here in the RGV of South Texas will have to take some pointers from you all.

We'll have videos of our Truth Action efforts up soon enough! :)


Is one of the best activism videos I've seen yet. I am so proud of you guys. Peter, you sounded great. Abby, you as well. This was a great effort all around. Thank you for what you do.

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Thanks Jon!

That means a lot coming from you. I worked fast and hard on the editing to get it out quick. I'm glad everyone enjoys it.

mad skillz

just amazing work tony. The music really helps put what we do in it's proper perspective.


great job!

Tony! I am so impressed! We need you to be our videographer! love love love it, it brought tears to my eyes actually

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Thanks again Abby...

I will need to work on cutting the videos down, as I think it was a bit long. Urban (or is his name Mac now?) sent an e-mail to me giving me some constructive critiscism. I had about 7 or 8 "honks for truth" shots that I didn't get to include due to the length, but now in hindsight I think those were important. I will be happy to film and edit these together as much as I can. It was a lot of fun! Plus I got a good workout running down the street ahead of you guys to get the shots during the march for truth.


That really was a nice watch. More like this could draw lots of new people in, showing how fun this can be. Great to hear the truthers talk a little and following the march like that. Inspiring stuff.

You guys have a lot of guts

You guys have a lot of guts to go right out on the streets like that. Great work. Keep it up. I have been burning copies of Loose Change, Terror Storm and 9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, and giving them out to people at work. Everybody I have given a copy of one of these videos to has woken up. I have not had a single one not "get it." I have even woken up a dyed in the wool Bush loving neo-con! He asked me for a copy of Loose Change, saying he was just curious what all this stuff was about, and the next day told me both he and his wife now believe it was an inside job. If this guy can be turned around, there is hope that the truth will reach critical mass sooner or later. The sooner the better. Don't let any nay sayers discourage you. Keep up the great work.

Download link? I'd like to

Download link?

I'd like to feature a few clips from this video for a piece I"m doing on 911 activism. However I'm having trouble downloading from google video. Any way you could send me a download link? Perhaps through Reprehensor or one of the other mods? Thanks!

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I can do it if someone can give me instructions on the easiest way to get it to you. I am not the most internet savy guy in the world, but I follow instructions good.

Tony, you have a gift. Bravo

Tony, you have a gift. Bravo and thank you. This video is beautiful, and it is done with such genuine affection for your peeps.

SD Walk For Truth

Way to go San Diego! Keep up the good work!


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